Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Wednesday, July 28, 2004
There si a Convnention going on nearby
that measn a lot of poeple and they all talk a lot on tv
personlly I don't care too mcuh for tv anyway
never enough cats on tv and when there are the cats are all boring
or somsoene is throwing a shoe at them

people say oh hay abbie you are a cat and I say yes
and they say you have a bolg and I say yes
and they say so you should be rwriting about this convention
and I say what
for one it is not a very good place for cats at least that's what I saw on tv
everybody is making a lot of noise
and stomping their feet which usually means "I mean it get off the counter NOW"
or something to that effect usually involving food
Also it is not a place I would like to sneak in and get caught

thouh i do seem to see what needs to be done when writing in blogs about conventions
first you have to figure out if you agree with what they are saying or not
if you agre then you write about how great it is and what a goodtime you ar ehaving
if you don't agree then you wirte about how miserable it is and that it is all a disastser
even if you're having a goodtime anyway
all in lall Id like to stay home if you dont mind
something tells me they don't serve cats fancy dinners at this convention
I would rather make do with these leftovers
you weren't really going to eat them were you

Monday, July 12, 2004
WHAt the heck is this

I See how it is
First off you go away for a while and you hve Lots of trouble and then you sit under the Bed and while you're there certain parties decide it is better to not leave well enough alone and befor eyou know it the entire place smells entierley different and boy oh aboy someone is in for a bunch of trouble

LEt me tell you about hte trip to the doctos
frst off there wasnt a car trip to the doctors
no sir we walked down the hill
well I was in the box and someone carried me see
and there were cars going all over the place and it was very loud
SO then we get to the doctors and the doctors says well hello abbie now you can sit in the waiting room
so We sat in the waiting room and I did more sitting than waiting
meanwhile there were dogs

okay then we get to the other room and the first thing the doctor does is put me on a scale
it says 18 pounds and maybe some ounces
then she goes well mr abbie you need to go on a diet
well of all the nerve
I ast least said hello how ar eyou my name is abbie first
but after that oh man the glovs were off
I decidd that I could hiss all I wanted and growl too for good measure
even though I was getting scritched which isnt too bad all things considered
the doctor says okay abbie it is a good thing we do not have anti sass medicins because I would write you a perscription for the biggest bottle in the world right now
I figure you would be sassy too if someone was shining a light in your ear
what do you need to see in there anyways

then she lts me go and I run right back into the cat carier
you can't get earinspected if you're in there
I did hear her say i was a gorgeous cat
well there you go
18 poudns of gorgeous

we got a ride home and that was good
when I got back I fel asleep
and thats why I'm writing today
being angry takes a lot out of a fellow thats for sure

I undersantd the other cat was a pirate and made money for this trip
I donot believe her as I know for a fact she was lonunging about most of the days here
I think somepeople helped her out
and this is the part where I say thank you a lot
because aparnetly I wouldnt have gone if it wasnt for a lot of help
even the oeple who wrote nice things are nice too and they get thanks
even though I dont know how they got to write in my blog anyway
but ther eyou go
so thankyou very much from ME ABBIE
and becaus of you the other cat didn't sing chanteys all day long
just a few days
she doesnt even know the words
she just hums and then pretends to sing something rude and then laughs
why cant you be a pirate in the other room, that's what I want to know

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