Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Saturday, August 15, 2009
the Sqiurells are here again and boy are they ROwdy
I dont suppose you know that squirels are very lively
yes sometimes they are very entertaing and other times quite annoying

when I Am bored it is time to watch the squirels eating
and so they put a little bowl on the porch
and inside the BOwl they put stuff that squrirels like to eat
like stuff I wont eat
and then the squirrels come and its a squirrel party for sure
then the food is gone and they go away
be with us next time for more of the squirrel show

but last night they got very carried away
I woudl not be surprised if they had gotten into some bad acorns
for they were very bad nuts
what are you doing I say you are partying too hard
no we are not says the squirrel we are having fun and whats wrong with that bud
if this screen werent here says I you would all not be having a party right now

come on fellas said the squirrel this aint no place for the likes of us
in fact all i sees here is one big square
and thats when the squirels broke the bowl
they tore up the little green bowl
and off they ran with little green pieces of plastic

if thereis no bowl then where do you put the food

something tels me these squirels just partied themselves out of free meals
and the squirrel show has been cancelled
fame as They say is Fleeting

Abbie! You're back! Always good to see you.

Indeed, the squirrels are idiots, and often ruin their own seemingly endless parties.

You, on the other hand, are full of wisdom.
Abbie, you are so observant. You see the future like no squirrel ever could.
Good to hear from you again, Abbie- Missed you! You tell those squirrels what's what.
Yes Abbie, skwerrels are kinda stoopid. Dey is fun to watch tho.
Abbie, we watch squirrels out da windoze an they ARE loud sumtimes! Our were stealin birdfood frum a sock an Mom kept fillin the sock. Finally the squirrels stole the WHOLE SOCK. They proly thot it would keep fillin wif seeds in their den.
Squirrels is dumb.
My nephew calls squirrels 'rats with fuzzy tails'. We all thought it was quite funny!

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Hi little fuzzface. Good to hear from you again.
Squirls ar stupid. Ha they cant even get inside were thegoodf ood is an now they broke there foodb owl. I bet they come back to look for it an you can watch them looking Abby and laugh.

Whatcha been doing Mr Abbie? Yoor okay right?
Hey Mr. Abbie....where ye be? Is everything okay?
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