Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Thursday, April 14, 2005
Wellw ell well look what the me dragged in

I bet you thought I was gone for a while
WEll okay I was
but I was having exicting adventures in fiji
that's right fiji
I bet you thougth i was gonna say the moon
well that's where I was last time when I was gone for a while
but this time around I was in fiji

It is a beautful place fiji
there tbhe beaches are full of sand
and you just lie around all day
if you open your mouth a fish will jump in, no joke
AND then you can eat it

oh it certainly is the life in fiji
so much so that I had to come back
I havd to come back because my country needed me
so I saved the day yet again and stayed back home

all of this is true so you don't have to listen to what the other cat says
She thinks i stayed at home ALl along hogging the comupter when she could have been using it
of course she has a barrel of lies

hEY abbie the cat...we are glad YOU are back...we checked every day for you...we were afraid you had gone for Dave and i really missed you.
Go Abbie!! I bet Fiji misses you as much as we did while you were gone. Did you see any Flying Fish? They're real, I promise, although I don't know where they live... somewhere exotic; it could be Fiji!
Yay!Yay!Yay! Abbies back! I missed you, you gorgeous cat....Anne
did you take any pictures?
Yay! We hope You had Fun, MR. Abbie, but you are Right. Your country Needs You! It missed you VEry badly.

Tell us More About Fiji!

Tuna to You,

Thank goodness! We were afraid you were never coming back!
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