Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Wednesday, August 25, 2004
I Suppose I ought to mention there was a bird in the house rcently
yes there was
there was a little bird and it lived in the drawer by the bed
one morning I was minding my Own business ERIght there
and there was this noise that sounded like a bird in a draewer
and ther eit was
well naturally I was very interested in this developement as because there has not eben a bird in the drawer before
but then this is where the cruel part happens

me and othe other cat were so excited to see the brid
she yelled
not me
I didnot yell
and the guy woke up and said "oh no" and put us both in the other room
while the bird got to fly free out the door

now this is unfair to a high degree
I saw the bird first and therfore should have been able to do what I wanted with it

and no more brids have been in the drawer since
I Should know because I keep checking
just in case

That is unfair. But at least you knew what it was and knew what to do with human just brought home a fluff thing that plays with a ball. It's a strange thing that makes no sense to me. I don't think it's really a live thing, but when she puts it on the floor it starts to's disturbing....

Best wishes on getting another bird in the drawer! (maybe if there are two or three more I can come visit?)

I didn't realize there was a particular sound associated with a bird being in a drawer. That must be something you learned on thee day of cat school I missed when I had the chicken pox.
Abbie! You and Martha should come to my house! I saw a hummingbird this morning while my mom and I were on the patio! She was very beautiful. And very fast. I jumped up in the air to see her, but she zoomed away. My mom just laughed. Hmmph.

I agree that you should have gotten to see the bird first. I wonder how it got in the drawer? How weird.

Tuna to you,

HaRrY cAt
You should tell your mum and dad to get crickets at the cat store. I get crickets and they jump around the houe and I get to eat them all by MYSELF! ymmy.
SHelly if you put a bird in a drawer and it starts to make some noise you will say to yourself "oh hey that's a bird in that drawer"

it is scientifycally Proven

also onc I saw ahumming bird but I do not care for them as they fly very fast and I am just big
yesssss thaT iz unfare

my Mom wOnt leT me pLay wid lIzZards that i catcH an BriNg in2 tHe houZe neidher. oS i plyeD a triX on hEr. hId onnne In hEr closEt.


i once found a mouse. it was fun to play with. but then it went a way. maybe ther will be a bird in the drawer.

a mouse was in my mouuttthe todaym but the lady took it away from me and then it bit her because it was angryyyyyy at herj for tajing ti from my mouth. And thne I sawatted her.

that nasty Lily caught a hummingbird and brought it in and my mom (only my mom not those other cats mom just mine not even Rosie's) took it away but it was dead. then we all had to wear bells which I don't mind because Im the good cat and I don't care that they call me pervy Boots because I curl up with mom under the covers. we are having cat awrs now and battle lines are drawn and it confuses the peop;le. Lily is always in m,y place and trying to eat my food bcause she knows that I cant go after her because mokm doesn't like it but I'm not a bully really -- hte other cats nned to know their limits. Old Bill and I are ok but he sprays and so do the girls and I don't because I just want a string game and I don't get anything but extra food becaus e the man brought home a horrible dog and now mom spends time with the dog even though she says I'm still her fave=ortie Bootsy and maybe sometimes she plays string with me. But not enough.
I bet you can't run fast enough to catch us!

I jus wanted to tell you that the Other Cat who lived at our house for a while went Outside and didnt' come back. He goes Outside a lot and i never do. So anyway the New Person gave me all the Other Cat's toys and sat in his room with the door closed and cried and i guess they're planting catnip in the yard for the Other Cat even though he's not here? he's where the birds are, that aren't in the drawer. He had good toys with feathers I like them.

Tashtego (aka Kitty Catty McFatty)
There is a mouse who likes to hang out on my kitchen counter. You should come eat... I mean MEET him. He is kind of a sluggish mouse. He never runs fast when we try to catch him, just sort of moseys. I think he would make a good dinner... Uhh... FRIEND for you.
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