Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Thursday, April 08, 2004
HELlo my name today is Profesor Abbie the CAt
and I amhere to teach y ou all about the science of being acat
this is catology 101 though what the 101 means I do not know
all classes start with 101

okay the first thing you need to know about cat science
it is not wise to Do things directly
it is better to amke sure your actiosn do not directly influence your goals

what is this I mean you say
well OKay say that there is a room youd much like to visit
but there is always a door in the way and it is closed
the dog science would say Go on and scrathc on the door until it is opened for you
well that is just not the case with Cats

first you must do something else
something REAlly annoying
like say jump up on the dresser and do a little dance
horray you have now knocked stuff off
and then you wake osmeone up

I must metntion at this point the sicience only works if you do it at night when people are sleeping

noww that you have woken them up it is time to do more dancing
and they get up and say oh no it is not time for dancing
it is time to put thecat in the other room where I cnanot hear him dancing

that is right if you have used science propererly it Means that they will actualy walk to the door of the other room
open it up
and let you in
and then shut the door

Yes you are a miricle of science and have gotten your way

when you tire of being in the room you can just scractch on the door to let them know you want to get out

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