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Friday, March 26, 2004
OKAy see if you are prsistent enough
and you keep saying PLAESE enough
and you keep bugging people enough
then you get what you want

Today I got what I want and I went outside
well I was held so I wouldnt cause much trouble
but believe you me when I say it was not me whow as causing trouble to the outside as much as it was the outside causing Troubel to me

it is big
there is no sceiling
there is a sky and it is big and blue and scary
there is wind otuside too
more than what comes through the windows when I'm trying to sleep
it ruffled my fur and blew in my ear whsssssssssssssssssssss

and cars
cars and trucks
cars and trucks and more cars
down on the street below
(we were on a deck)
I think I saw a mbike

and then a train went by
and it rumbled
and I do not admit ot being Scared but I did hold on to the guys arm a bit with claws
and say "okay that is plenty outdoors for me"
and so we went in and I started feeling normal again

it is very Overhwhelming the outdoors
I donot know how you do it, going out there every day
I just want my sill and my bed and my dish thank you very much

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