Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Saturday, June 28, 2003
okay thoe other reason I am cranky is that we have been plyaing the DUngon game all the livelong day
i am a ninja with sclaws that attack and hit things
there is a fan in the by the computer but it ruffels the fur so we don't play too long

so i have to play the dungeon game with the other cat bsecause it is fair that way
she is superbossy and I do not like to play with her
when we get treasures we get potions and waeapons and keys
and I go to thte town and she always says save the keys
save the keys for what I say because there isn't anything they're good for except making money
one key equals fgive golds
thats a lot of gold you must agree

but she insists we save the keys
save the keys she says over and over
save the keys save teh keys save the keys save the keys you're not saving the keys
give me the keyboaard i want to save the keys
i have ono use for your shenaingans I say and slell all the keys
there now we can buy a hat

when we go back into the udungeon we find a treasure chest and I go over to it
and it says ho ho sorry you need to unlock this chest iwht a key
well that just makes miss fancyspants day
she says i told you we need to asave the keys
and I say get lost you do you rememebr the last time we found the chest that neededd a key
she says yes adn you still had a key and you were able to open it and that is the point
i say that is not the point, because do you remember what was in the chest

so whiloe we are stanidng and arguing over the chest some omsonters come up
and since i am too preoccupied with biting her on the ear the mosnters kill the ninja
and it says 'What do youw ant to write on your tomb stone"
and she suggests "he did not save his keys"
and i instead write PPOOP

it is a fun game and there are manyt wists and turns to explore

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