Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Monday, May 19, 2003
and now itis time for the continuing adventures
of SPIDER hunter ABBIE

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and now back to our show

as you may recall in our last exiciting episode of Spider hunter ABbie
our hero spider hunter abbie was in the bathroom looking for the dreaded Bathroom spider
and he found it but that was all thetime we had for that week
and now it is this week

down came the BathroomSpider from its web in the light
it was big and Mean and wanted to take ovr the entire bathroom

I cannot let ths happen said our hero, the spider hunter abbie
this spider has got to go

and so Iwaited until it was down really close to the floor
and with a mighty paw I took a swingand knocked its block off
it if had a block

shoom wehnt the dreaded spider across the floor and it made angry sounds
ah ha I said the day is mine
and cahsed that spider right into the corner

well as youcan well imagine a fierce battle did ensue
and there was a lot of fighting too
now I am not going to give awy the ending to our thriling show today
but if youcould smell me you would know I have spider breath

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