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Wednesday, December 25, 2002
today it is time for my chrsitmas message to You and yours

from me abbie the cat

hello, i'm abbie the cat
chsristmas is a time for people to go home and visit the ones they love
there are otherhiolidays too right now for people to go home to as well

so when you go home be sure to travel safely
and if you have cats that you alre Leaving beind
please make sure to follow THe holiday custom
and leave a big salmon out foe earch one
or maybe some chicken or tureky
I like turkey

you may not knowiot but that is ancient holiday custom
and when you come back in the morning or afternoon or when you come back
the food will be gone
that measn Santa likes you

the othercat sayss she hopes your yuletide is bright and your newyear is good
I told her to get her own christmas greeting BEcause this one is mine

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