Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Wednesday, August 29, 2001
I am Not Allowed in the cHair
the new chair wthat swivels and turns and has cushions on it
It is a very fine chair and smells of someone

You might think I am forbiddden to be in thechair because of the guy
who likes the chair too and sits in itat all hours of the day
but no

he says it's ok to be in the chair as long as you don't scratch it p
but it is that other cat who keeps me away
curse her and her quickness and she gets in THe chair before I do

and when I go check it out
she bats me away
I said no fair, it is ours to share and she says HAH! SEZ YOU.
and I say well yeah, says me, that's who's saying it is ours to share
and she says HA! SEZ YOU and hits me again on th nose

I fixed her wagon though
only she doesnot have a wagon so I instead jumped on her when she was trying to eat

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