Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Sunday, June 17, 2001
field guid3e to bugs

this is a bug you find crawling on the floor
it is little and black and looks like a small black speck
it doesn't move very fst so you can eat it

these bugs do their name. they fly
when they hide, they look like little lines on the wall
but do not be fooled for they are really flying bugs, not lines
they taste like dust

we have knowldgde of only one of these bugs in the known world
it has antennas and a lot of legs
more legs that we can count
it crawls on the wall and up on the ceiling
we batted it and it fell behind the bed and used stealth camoflage to hide
we did not see it again sow e do not know what it asted like
which is a shame cause it sure was scary looking

i leave them alone
and they leave me alone
we have worked out a deal here see

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