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Monday, December 12, 2011
heard it again
another ones walked away
still LIngers in the shadows and the sun
good fellow this time too
well most of us are goodonce were gone
the bad parts go away because who Wants to think about them anwyay
others I guess its just good they are gone
and we leave it at that
I never knew any of them personaly

everynow and then I ithink I see the other cat
where she would be
I dont need to tell you where those spots are because you know wherethey are
they are where she Would be
and somet imes when I am just dozing off
I swear I hears it
she says hey sleepyface wake up theres a mouse
practically RUnning upt o you

usualy I get up and the mouse is there
and then it is on
because if I go back to sleep I Probably wouldnt hear the end of it
sheesh look at him just ignorin his duties
someone oughta keelhaul you slacker

I think she is just a litle bit jealous
because I have lived nearly Twice as long as she
well lemme tell you sister it aint ALways been a bed of roses that extra time
some of that EXtra time was spent growing older and slower and crankier
who knew
anwyay I willbe gone some day and then what

Ill tell you what
if she asks me then how I SAPent all my extra time
I am gonna say well you oughta know cause YOu were there bugging me for most o fit
we doze off a lot as a general rule

cats also dont waste too much time as a generaul rule ewither
theres a cat saying
time wasted is still time spent
you cant do anything else with time but spend it
thats all I know about ecomonmics

started typing my stories ten and a HAlf years ago
thats a mighty long time for a cat
some keyboards were easiert o use than others
anyway these stories are MINE
spent my time you see and I got em in return
and if the other saying you cant take it with you is true
then they stya here when I am gone
thats pretty good right
the Internet doesnt do a very good job of forgetting sometimes

but I heard a Story once
he said he heard it from another guy
which was all about a King back in the day
I Mean a long time ago
and this king thought so much of himself that he put up a STatue of hismelf
and it was big
and on it he wrote man OH man look at how big I am
and all of my stuff
only now there wasnt any Stuff to look ata nymore
I tol dyou it had been a long time ago
And the statue well it was pretty much gone But just the legs stayed
also the part he wrote

I htink maybe he carved it instead

anwyay I think I sure do have one up on the king
sure I like to talk about all my stuff
but I already know Ive lost a bit of it
do you think the old king ever figured

some of the stuff I lose ends up under the couch
others just the shadows and the sun

Beautifully said, Abbie T. <3
Lovely and melancholy. Always nice to hear from you.
I love you Abbie.

<3 <3 <3 <3 I look forward to these updates so much.
What the others said. This is the Good Stuff, worthy of many sardines.
I, too, miss Martha the Pirate.

Happy holidays, Abbie the cat, and all the other cats, too.
Oh. Abbie.
Hang in tehre Abby. I am and you can. And when we can't the sky will take us to whwre annoying Pirats play.

Yr pal Tubcat
Dat is some purrty hevy thinking Abbie. We amember dat our humom cried when she read dat Martha went on to da Rainbow Bridge...we was sad to, effun tho we neffur met her. Say, yoo ain't haffin' no health trubbuls or nothing like dat? We mean, aside from gettin' older and we know about dat from Zippy, who's 14 now and just wants to sleep, eat and be left alone.
I miss her too Abbie, and I never met her except through you. I still cry when I read the post from that day, every time. But I also read your blog to my cats and they want to say they your typing is very good and would you like this window seat.
Abbie, Abbie, Abbie, you made me cry.
Still love you fuzzface. xxxx
I love you, Abbie, and I think about you all the time. Your tributes to Martha the Pirate are lovely and comforting. I lost a beautiful boy cat today. I miss him so much and I hope I'll see him in the shadows for years to come.
I remember Martha the Pirate. Stay well Abbie.
Mr Abbie, where's yoo at?
12/12/2011 and nothing since. Then rumours that Abbie was not well.

Uh, Abbie's guy...



Has Abbie crossed the Bridge to be with Martha?

Better to know than not.

Peter & Diane
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