Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Wednesday, November 24, 2010
and now we Present
that star of Stage and screen
abbie G robinson
in his gReatest role ever

listen see
thisis My joint
I'm the big cheese around here
and I aint about to let
no two bit punk
muscle in on MY turf


by theWAy in reality
this mesage goes to the brazen varmint
by the bowl outside
he Knows who he is
my Dialog was couresty gangster movies
I Have been watching a lot of gangstermovies
starringthat guy
who WAs in gangster movies
oh and that other guy was in it too sometimes

Hmm, sounds like you have a stray nice Abbie. Remember when you got lost? Wouldn't it have been nice if someone would have left food out for you.
oh ifit Were a fellow Traveler
I would see it onits way
with perhaps an acnkowledging nod

but This
this rat
wasnt really a rat
it was a squirrel
but I am calling it a rat
Happy Thanksgiving, Abbie!

"Come out and take it, you dirty, yellow-bellied rat, or I'll give it to you through the door!" (According to Wikipedia, that's what that guy said in the movie. Squirrels are yellow-bellied rats, for sure!)
Good to see you, Abbie!
Ack, a skwerrel. Dey is not as good as cats...dey is not even as good as dawgs and dat is not good at all.
Give him what for, Abbie!
Oh Abbie I am so glad to hear from you. I have only found you not so long ago and I have gone back and read EVERY SINGLE ONE of your messages to Scout and Tonta. Tonta says she already knew all of that, but Scout found it very interesting and wishes you could come to play in our back yard. He has been working on his ninja skills for many years and can now attack a leaf at 10 paces.
Happy holidays to you, Abbie! I hope you get some potatoes and gravy.

I also wanted to note that your movie reviews, starring that one guy and that other guy, sound a whole lot like my mom's movie descriptions. Maybe you could recommend some DVDs for us?
Merry Krissmouse Mr Abbie!
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