Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Friday, January 22, 2010
when I am sitting int he PUrple seat
which is mine by the way
it has my hair on it
just so you dont sit there

when I sit in the pUrple seat
I am the archduk of everywheria
and from here I sit
watching my subjects Go by
to and fro
paying tribute
it is Nice to watch
and gives us something to do before the daily Feast in my honor

when I sit on the table
in the middle of the plants
and watch the squirels
I am the interpid Explorer cornel Humphries
and I am on the trail of the biggest game prize yet
if I get lost it is okay
I will eventually meet the doctor i presume
or was it the other way around

when I sit on the couch
i am just a cat
some days that's pretty much as good as it gets

Some days I wish I was just a cat.
Abbie you made me laugh tonight!!
Sometime, just sometimes, it's good to be just "a cat". Mostly it is better to be Ruler of all you survey and be worshipped and stuff.
Bein a cat is da bestest of all! We can be whatefur we purrtend we is, an still be cats. Purrs,
Victor Tabbycat
Lol! On all days and at all timesyou are the one and only Abbie The Magnificat. Live your dreams, Abbie!
Awww, he seems like a nice cat, may he may want to be friends with my own cat.

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