Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Wednesday, April 22, 2009
it IS sprting cleaning
I got springed
and cleaned

it was fun to play in the water
he put me in a tub that is
it is a blig blue tub
that is MY TUB
well I dont see anyone else using it

ANd now I look poisitively svelte
whatkind of word is svelte
it looks wrong
you just mash keys on thekeyboard thats how you get that word
I could do it with my eyes closd
how did I Do

by the By
whats lavedner and why do theys ay I smell like it
I smell like me but without the dust fromunder the bed
time to goet more dust

Did da guy really give yoo a bath? Weerd...don't kitties usually bathe demselfs?
Oof, you are one well-behaved cat, Abbie! Did you get brushed, too?
My parents' cat, Tuffy, liked to be vacuumed--so I guess your taking baths isn't so weird. Happy Spring, Abbie!
Ah. Happy spring, Mister Abbie! May you have many vigorous brushings to celebrate!

♥ love from HarryCat and his Mom
Hey Mr. Abbie! It was your birthday recently! Did you get any cool presents other than the bath? I hope you have many long happy years of blogging.
You did good on the svelt word, Abbie. They say cats canttype but they can. Sorry you had a baf. My ma tried that. Once. She healed up pretty good tho.
Very good of you to tolerate a bath, Abbie. Could they not have found a manly shampoo for you, something more along the lines of English Leather or Old Spice???
Cats and baths... don't go well...
Hiya Fuzzface. Still love you.
Hey great poem. You totally sucked it to the word "svelte". Nicely done. Hope you're enjoying being clean!
Nice words, but yeah cats HATE water :D
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