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Sunday, February 01, 2009
I took a poll recently
whiche was best
(or supper if you say that)

I knew the poll would not pick lunch to win
it is not that we do not give this meal respect
it is ujust that lunch is not very INspiring when it comes to eating
there is your sandwich
eat it
if you don't then I will eat it
but look
I am not enjoying it as much as I cCOuld be

breakfast on the other hand is great
it is the greateast of all possible meals
now dont you think that it is only for the morning
you can have breafkfast after you have woken up
at any time of day
if it was only for the morning then we awoudl call it MOrning somehting
I dont know what we could call it
since we dont call it that

but you are breaking
and you are dOing it fast
so that is the meal name

the best part of breakfast is the bacon
people who eat becon like it
around here there is a rule you see
oh this bacon was cooked too crispy someone says
i will instead give it to the cat cmere cat
as a resulte I have become quite fond of crsipy bacon
the crispyer the better
now ehere is a secret you will not be Told by anyone else
baconc gets crispy if you cook it for long
so I watned to make sure the bacon would be perfect for the cat
so when it was cooking
there were diversions
oh cat theys aid
get down from there
abbie stop doing that you are going carazy and it isnt even crazy time
abbie quit singing youll have some bacon soon enough

now this is my crowning achievement
look at that
the bacon has been cooked too long and now all of it is cripsy
what do we do
give it to the cat says I
that is the rules

oh well someone says
we can crumble it up and putit in the omelets
waste not want what not


here is a happy Endign
we better be sure to save a piece for the cat they say
so there was bacon in the omelets
and bacon in the cat
and that is my story for ytoday

for recirpes please go to a recipe site
there you will leran how to cook bacons

Dear Abbie, I enjoyed your latest post a great deal. Not only is it a lovely ode to breakfast, but I think you just wrote a marvelous children's book. Get an illustrator for it and you'll be on the shortlist for the Caldecott in two shakes of an Abbie's tail! Yours etc viedma from livejournal.
When da humans here make bacon it is a law dat all da kitties get to haf some...period. And do not burn it cuz even da kitties do not really like it burned.
Abbie you RASCAL!
Hi, Abbie! I must confess to being a big fan of the dog in the Beggin' Strips commercials. Just think how even more excited he'd be if his people fed him genuine, crispy bacon!
Abbie, you shud writea cookbook for people with cats. It can include instructns on what to drop on the floor and what not. Lemons are out.

I love bacon more than life. I will do this thing you said.
Yur so smart, Abbie! Mine dad don't like bacon, so we nefur has it! Can you beleaf it?
Victor & Nina
Love you Abbie
Abbie, I think you and Leo have been sharing strategies!

I can just picture the children's book Mary talked about - it could be great.
Hi Abbie. I am a cat too and I draw comics. They are journal comics about a cat's life! I love bacon very much and sometimes I draw about it like in these comics. I hope you are having a good day and that you got a bite of bacon for breakfast.
Hiya Furball. Good to see you're still with us.
I laughed at this.
I think breakfast is the best.
You have a cool site.
I would let you join my site.
MyPetCareTV. You should upload videos of you eating breakfast.
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