Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Tuesday, December 02, 2008
well ther ewas GReat excitement yesterday
I had wona amajor award or something
they said Hey abbie you are officialy the Sassiest cat of the year
in this house at least
and therefor you will get a nice Helping of tuna fish right here inyour bowl

hurray says I for it is always a good day when that happens
and whatdyou know but there was asome fish in my bowl
I ate it very quickly
it is a rule you know
eat as fast as ye can the rule says
for all you know it could turn out to be an illusion
LIke in the desert

so ten seconds later the tuna was gone
well not rteally gone
I knew where it was

and everything was Fine

but there is another rule that I forgot
it says But Dont eat so FAST or else Urp
and thats what happened
there was no more tuna in the bowl
but there was tuna on the floor

I looked at it
and i Looked around
nobody had seen it happen
so I had a little CHeck
it was tasty the first time
and it was tasty the second time
so lets dig in

Well you never heard such a hue and cry in your life
hey Abbie what are you doing
oh for gods sake cat
someone disttract him while I get the paper towels
use the shiny thing

anywya they took away my Major award
and I a m rightly miffed
they gave it to tme
it was MIne
and I should be able to Do with it as I please

I agree, Abbie. That was your award and they should have let you do with it whatever you wanted. Perhaps they will give you another award today? I will cross my fingers for you!

Pssst...if they do not, please let me know and I will send you an award myself. I bet there are lots of other people that would do the same. You could have a whole year of awards!
Oh Abbie! That wasn't very nice of them at all to take away your award treat!
Abbie, humans are nuts. Yu should see what they do with dogs. Dogs are disgusting. They drink out of gutters, mud puddles, toilets, yu name it. But if a human sees one kibble floating in their water dish, they freak. Yu tell yr humans to get over themselves. Yu tell em yu want yr award. Yu tell em if it has to be spoon by spoon, day by day, yr gonna HAV yr award! Yu cant let them get away with that stuff or they start to think theyr in charge.
Sheeesh Abbie - that's what cats do! They save housework. Better luck next time mate and have a Happy Christmas.
Tell dem dum hoomans yoo want yoor award was yoors, not ders, and if yoo wanna re-eet it 10 times dat is yoor bizness. Stoopid hoomans.
Oh Abbie I love you so, never change.
Pictures! Pictures! We want Pictures! :)


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