Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Sunday, December 28, 2008
NOw that there is a moment I can tell you about a handy hint for watching TV
everybody loves to watch telvision
but sometimes when you are wathcing and you really like it
SOmeone changes the channel
but wait I was watcing that and it was JUst getting interesting

so the next time that happens to you here is what you do
I mean you have to do this Before it happens to you
outherwise it just doesnt quite work

SO there you are on the couch (ps you are a cat)
and you are watching television happily
and then the announcer comes on and says next up we will show you how bottlecaps are made
and you think Well this will be very intriguing
I have always wanted to know this
but then someone on the couch says "time to change the cahnnel"
here is what you do

you go to sleep
right on their lap or on their legs or howveer they are sitting
and be sure to look extra comfortable and happy
EVen if it is not quite the most comfortable place ever
one time I fell asleep on a shoe
I do not recomend it unless you like shoes
anyway now you are happy and alseep
and they will say wait I cant get up to change the channel because the cat is so happy and peaceful I do not want to disturb it
wait I will use the remote
IU forgot to mention
before you do allthis
be sure to hide the remote

well now
if you have done everything then you can enjoy what you want to watch
just kind of move your head towars the television set
and watch through your eyes
dont forget you have to pretend you are still asleep
but if you have come this far then that is easy as pie

there is something SMall on the table
I am going to go knock it off

We find just hiding da remote or laying on it will stop da hoomans because dey are furry lazy and won't get up to change da channel.
Imp Cat used to lie on the cable box on top of the TV. When she didn't like a show, she'd roll over and change the channel with her belly.

Happy New Year, Abbie!
Abbie yu are brillient. I nevr got to see the birdsho. But now the remote is mine. Even if they find itin the litter, they will not want it. Ha!
I don like nees, so I sits on the teevee table infront of the light that goes flashflash when the chanul terns over . But if I sit there the light cant flashflash and the chanul stays where I want it to.

You shud try this trik - its the best!!
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