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Sunday, October 12, 2008
WEll well WELL
ANda gain I say WELL
let me tell YOu a story
I mean it its a real story all right
it all has to do with bloger
and I am not very pleased with them at this time and date

I have been sitting here tfor days on end
trying to put in my name and pasoword
and the internet mocks me
"forgot you r password?" it says
in BLue
so naturaly I remember my passowrd so I type NO I KNOW IT
and it says "forgot your password?"
and then it says "forgot your password?"again
blue and under lined

I didnt forget it
I had remembered it all along
but I think the computer wants me to play
its little game
and it says "forgot your password?"
and I say a very bad word out loud
hush you didnt hear it

at this point naturaly I am very veyr cross
and I hit any old button
I hit them all
had a grand old time too

and then the web says "if you have forgoten your password we will Send it to tyou"
and I say hurray for science
I still dont know which button did it
so there is taht and the computer whirrs and then it goes
"okay we sent your pasowrd to this email addess"
so I go to that email adress
and wouldnt you know it
you can see I am anoyed because of all the capital letters

then along came a very smart
ok maybe it wasnt a bug maybe it was someone
and they said oh abbie you are useing the wrong internet button
here try this one here
it is another button on the screen click that one not this one
so I put my user and pasword into the new button

and lo and behold
the computer turns into mr nice guy
oh waelcome back to the wornderful world of the blogging it says
can I get you anything it asks perhaps a drink of water or a nice piece of fish
i shall sound the trumptets and lead the parade
pshaw i say You are a Bad computer and took up all this time annoying me
oh no it says that was the other internet button I am the good one

I guess

anyway I have a new collar and nametag
it says ME ABBIE on it
so I know it's me
other than that I Forgot what I was going tosay

Welcome back....and keep that tag on ;)
Yay Abbie! We've missed you! Glad you're back on the interwebs :).
Abbie, I completely understand. The internet does that to me all the time.
Hooray for Abbieness!
I'm so glad to see you Abbie, I missed you. I hope the wrong internet button gets what's coming to it.
SO glad to have you back, Abbie! You best be keeping that collar and fancy nametag on, though -- we don't want to lose you again!
YAY Abbie! Sorry the interweb is not nice to you. It happens to the best of us.
Abbie this is Charlie. I live with Theresa who has also put a tag on me because she cannot keep up with me... I am like a bolt of lightening out the door. I say HA our tags are badges! We are way cooler than cranky internets.
Yay! I *heart* Abbie!!
Thank goodness you are back. Been months of missing. Hope you will write more now so that we can know the updates... 3 cheers for Abbie!
Oh Abbie, we missed yoo furry much...sometimes dem compoopers is stoopid. Keep yoor tag on okay. Maybee yoo was gonna tell us about yoor advenchures outside.
oh dood i missed you so much!!!!!!
Welcome back indeed, Abbie. I work with Bad Computers all day long, so I sympathize. But I am thrilled to see you posting again, and I am sure your new tag is very stylish. Oh goodness, we missed you! Write more for us soon!
I have tagged you as a Superior Scribbler. You can see the post here:
Feline Observations
Hurrah, Abbie's back! What are you going to dress up as for Hallowe'en this year?
I have no tag. I went outside one time and a very large canine shook me so hard I had to go to the vet. I will never, never go outside again.
Hello Abbie -- I have a big cat that lives with me and my mate and my younglings and the humans at our house. His name is Daniel. He doesn't know how to use the computer, though. Only I do. It works better if you have tiny dainty perfect paws.

I am glad you came home.
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Abbie, I went to your site tonight thinking I would just finally delete the link if you were not there again.... I thought you were gone forever.... and there you were!!! I've missed you so much! There aren't that many cats I can tolerate on the intawebs (gawd, the cuteness. I gag.) but you, my friend, are realness itself. Welcome back.

Your friend, Tubcat
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