Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Thursday, February 21, 2008
Hey there,

I've got great news to report; Abbie is back home safe where he belongs and slightly no worse for the wear. A neighbor saw our flyers and called when she spotted "definitely a large" tuxedo cat in her backyard chasing a squirrel; she was pretty sure the cat had spent at least one night in her garage as well. I wasn't home from work at the time but my housemate Tracy was, and dashed out to find Abbie already on the move towards another neighbor's house. Though he appeared to be Very Wary of everyone and everything, Abbie eventually recognized Tracy and allowed himself to be picked up and escorted back inside where he should have been all along.

The first thing he did when he got in was run to where his food dish should've been (it was in the back room serving as bait for the House Trap) and complained loudly. This was pretty much the first indicator that he was going to be all right. After wolfing down a great deal of wet food he went around looking for me -- checking my room, my office chair, all over. When I finally did get home he ran right up and started telling me all about things while I picked him up and gave him a big hug (and checked for injuries and whatnot at the same time.) Since then he's hardly left my side while I'm home, and has decided that lap-sitting is a really great thing, especially when the lap belongs to someone hard at work. (He's a dear but it's sometimes hard to type around him.)

He'd lost about 5 pounds in his week-plus outdoors, but has quickly begun to regain that. He had no scars or wounds that I could find, and he wasn't limping or favoring a paw. I took him to the vet to get him checked out. He came out of it with all his shots up-to-date and his claws clipped; he threw a fit when the vet tried to look at his teeth so we wisely decided to leave the microchipping (which involves a larger needle than the vaccinations) for a dental appointment, when he goes under and won't be in any position to complain.

I am extremely grateful for all the help I received from my housemates, friends, online acquaintances, and random strangers both local and far away. I had the flu during a major part of Abbie's absence, and Tracy spearheaded the operation quite ably, getting folks out to flyer and search the neighborhood any time I got a call from someone who thought they'd seen a huge black-and-white monstrosity terrorizing squirrels. People searched for Abbie in other time zones just to check. It was quite inspiring, and I'd like to thank everybody who did anything to help, even if it was just thinking a kind thought for the cat while he was out having his outdoor adventure (and worrying me sick). This fellow really does have a posse.

I'm sure he'll be around sooner or later to tell you his side of things, but if he starts bragging about how he bravely marched to fight the neighborhood dogs or something, you might want to take it with a grain of salt.


I've been wondering how the hunt was going and beginning to fear the worst, so this is great news. I look forward to reading his account of what he's been up to.
So great! Welcome back Abbie!
*exhales loudly*
Yay!! We're so glad he is home and safe!
Oh, I'm SOOOOO glad!! I've been thinking about him (and you), and sending good thoughts. Yay Abbie!
Yay! I'm so glad Abbie's back! I can't wait to hear what he's been up to (or what he *says* he's been up to).
Welcome back, Abbie! The neighbors are relieved at the good news as well, and send their congrats.
I am so glad he's home! I'm looking forward to hearing his version of his adventure :)

Yaaaay! So stoked you're reunited. (Writing this with Ada resting her chin on my arm...)
Merle and Angus say to tell Abbie it's NEVER as much fun outside as you think it's going to be. Finn just sat in the corner muttering quietly "Finn not go out nonono Finn never go out no."

Glad to see the update!

Barb in Texas
yea!!! i'm so glad you are all reunited!
In my experience I have learned that "indoors" is quite superior to "outside". I am quite certai the squirrels feel the same way now that the "terrorist" is safely home!

I can't wait to hear Abbie's side of the story! Leave the computer on for him so he can tell us soon (hint, hint).

Very relieved! Looking forward to Abbie's next post.
OH THANK GOD! I knew he'd be home, but this is GREAT NEWS! Welcome home, Abbie! WHEW!
YAY! I've been sending good wishes for a safe recovery, and am glad to hear he's home and well. Hope you're over the flu too!
Oh my gosh, I am so glad this had a happy ending! I have been checking back every day, hoping for an update. I'm so happy for you! I don't know what I'd do if my Buster decided to make a break for it - once he jumped out a window and I was demented with worry, but he decided it was too big a world for him and parked his ass by the back door.
I am very happy for you all. I have been thinking good thoughts. Know how it feels to have a lost "Master."

Yay for Abbie's Great Outdoor Adventure Tour 2008 coming to an end, finally! Maybe next time (which there will hopefully not be, but just in case...) he could leave you (and us) a Schedule of Events so that we will all know where he is and what he's doing. Just a thought you might want to share with him.

So happy to hear he's home and safe and sound!
Martha and the Pirates were looking after him!
HUGE sigh of relief!!!!
Maybe he was looking for Martha...
Yay!!! I was just wondering the other day what might be going on, and was sadly starting to figure that if we hadn't heard anything by now, the news couldn't be good... I'm glad to see that I was wrong, and I'm looking forward to Abbie's recount of his escape & rescue!
We just found out that Abbie was lost and now is found, that's pawesome!

Our mommy has got us microchipped, tattoo'd, on petlynx (website for cat identification) and city-licensed.

There is no possible way for ANY of us to be unidentifiable. And apparently she made sure of that. ;)

We hope to "meet" Abbie one day! We'd like to hear all about his adventures.

~Donny, Marie, Casey
What a relief! I'm sure a lot of people (and their cats) will sleep more soundly tonight knowing that Abbie is home, safe and sound. I can't wait to hear his stories--they'd better be good!
Oh, wow! We just read him was missin, an then him is found! ::spin:: Abbie don't post daily, but when he does, it's always good. ::spin::
Purrs an headbutts to Tracy fur trackin him down. Abbie, don't you nefur ascare us like dat agin.

PS My sisfur Bonnie got chipped durin a dental, too. Mucho easier dat way.
Hmmmm . . . maybe Abbie runned away cuz you wuzn't posting enough photos of him - just a thought. Glad to hear he's home safe.
woohoo! Welcome back Abbie! Didn't anyone ever tell you there are easier ways to lose weight???
What a relief. I know that feeling of dread that twists in your gut when a cat is lost. So, a happy ending for everyone.
Thank $DIETY! Truth be told, I was *worried* to read the forum... after Pirate Martha left for seas unseen, well, I didn't want The Guy to have to deal with yet more heartbreak.

Glad my worry was for naught. Hopefully Abbie has learned a lesson! Anxiously looking for his side of things.

[*purr* say Angel and Moo, resting at my side.]
"This fellow really does have a posse."

That made me smile like you wouldn't believe. :D
Excellent! I trust Abbie will keep us posted as to what having a collar and tag is like!

And The Guy, Chris Sims just dropped a hint as to what your surname is; I look forward to getting my hands on some copies of your work.
Thank God you're safe Mr. Abbie. I was so sad when your Guy posted about your being missing. So when do we hear about your great adventures?
...reunited and it feeels soooo goood! Hip, hip hooray for Abbie and humans.
oh good! that last entry nearly gave me a heart attack. i'm anxiously awaiting Abbie's tales of adventure.

not too long ago, my indoor-only cat made a great escape too. oddly enough, he had a posse - 2 stray cats that i feed every night. they brought him home the next night. perhaps he was simply making friends all those nights he spent in the window howling at the stray cats. i like to think they orchestrated his escape in an effort to storm a ninja hideout or something.
There is nothing worse than waiting a home for "someone" to return, and fearing the worst. Glad it turned out well.
I'm so glad your cat came home safe and sound. I don't know why cats think they will like it outside. It's not like they don't look out the window all day at all the elements and lack of food and water.
I bet that was awful. I am so glad you got your cat back!
Abbie and Angel are both fortunate felines. Angel was stuck in a drain for 3 days in Austin, Texas.
Eh-hem. With all due respect, and while 200% glad Abbie is okay... well, where's his side of the story? I anxiously await the lurid details.
I'm glad he's okay. He and I share a name. =]
Well Mr Abbie, still unner house arrest? We is still waiting to hear what yoo did out der in da BIG OUT. It's almost June and...nothing.
If you've ever had to introduce a second cat into the home, you'll find this pretty funny:
thank God u found ur Abbie, I had such experience before, it's really discourage me, I thought I will never find my cat, the house was totally dull without her, but I guess because the strong bond between my pet, I found her at last.
So glad you got your moggy back. Sounds like an adventure he will never forget!

I'm sure the bad memories will be replaced by the "wow, you should have seen what happened" stories in no time at all.

It was also lovely to read how much he loves you and appreciates what he missed.

Happy for you!
Glad I read this when it was all over. Cried anyway. So glad he is okay. Best wishes from the cats in Tasmania.
Aww! I'm so glad to hear that Abbie is back and safe. - Your blog cat friend doesn't like when Abbie gets away.
Boy. So many people were worried about Abbie, it would be nice to get an update, even if it's not Abbie doing the updating. Let us know how he's doing.
Great to hear she ok!
The Refined Feline
I Purchase va cat a couple of weeks ago and we are trying to keep it indoors the best we can. However, having young children seems to complicate things. Our youngest, Brad, likes to take the kitten to his friends house and loan it to them (their home is directly behind ours). We've pretty much given up hope keeping it indoors.
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