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Thursday, November 15, 2007
Today i shoudl like to talk abotu Stairs
they are great
I like stairs
okay for one they go up
there they go
ANd ofor another one they go down
(I can run down veyr very fast and I will win in any race guaranteed)
(especially if there is new food int he bowl)
but they also stand still and don't go anywhere
and sometimes

the staris are going up for someoene
the stairs are goingdown for someone
btu they're still standing still
all at the Same TiME

I can't figure it out
perhasps I should sleep on it
okayI think I will

I love stairs! One of the rules in my house is that I am first no matter what. I have no idea why though…
HI my names Mouse and i love stairs because i am only a little cat but when i come down the stairs it sounds like i'm a giant with big boots on. It scares my mum and dad everytime. :)
Yoo are a furryh smart cat Mr. Abbie. We neffur contemplated stairs like dat afore. Furry intristing.
Hi Abbie! Wow, I nefur thot bout all that wif stairs afore. All I know is, it's really fun to chase toys down them an it's the bestest place in the howse to sing!

My sisfur Bonnie useda see efurryone off at the top AND greet them at the bottom. That's why she's Bonnie Underfoot. Purrs!
Love you Abbie
if you sit on the stair syou can see everything up and down. They cant get by you and go to bed without you knowing. This is very important. Thank you Abby for thisvery important topic about stares.

Greetings from Tubcat
Keep well Abbie.
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