Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Monday, October 22, 2007
typcially I am not one for baseball
sure theres a lot of chasing and a lot of running around and that's always fun
BUt when youg et down to it who wants to pick up a ball
or evern throw it
I don't even think I could throw a ball

but someitimes when you watch baseball
and the rightteam makes a home run
everybody jumps up and goes Whoop
and you get a piece of hot dog or tuna or bread or whatever it is on the table
so I gues some teams are better than others in that regard

so go whatver teamm gives me food
may you score a lot of runs in the world eseries and win the day

how do you throw a ball anyway

I am with you on whatever team means you get the most food. That is important with any sport. Just watch out for the round green things on the chips with cheese… Makes for a bad litterbox experience. Trust me, I know this for fact. It wasn’t pretty.
We don't get dat game stuff eether but if it's gettin yoo food den dat is good. We can't help wif da throwing da ball tho, we'z neffur even tried it.
I agree! Root, root, root for the FOOD team! An hope fur spilled chips. Mmmmmm
Did you have a good time last night when The Guy's team won the Series? How much food did you get then?
We had a d*g here wunce who cud catch a ball. He is gone now and I am stil here. I gess that ses it all.

I hear you about the baseball. You know who likes to play catch with a baseball? Dogs! What does that tell you about it?

I'll chase a piece of string or a laser pointer once in a while. But a baseball ... it's for the dogs.

Take care.

PR Manager
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