Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Saturday, July 21, 2007
look at what the me dragged in

I WEnt on a maission tonight
it was topsecret and VEry important
I had to run down streets and not get hit by cars and then there was a big dog

I dont want to talk about the dog

but eventaually I won the mission and came home Victorious as you can see

Look what the cat dragged in It's hard to turn the pages when you don't have opposable thumbs

I awill admit it is hard to turn the pages whn you dont have opposable thumbs
so I'mgetting someone to read it to me
I sure hope he doesn't spoil anything

Enjoy yoor story time Abbie. It's nice to hear from you again.
Yay Abbie the book lovin' cat!
Just got our copy today, so the cats in our house will be reading it a little behind you. No spoilers on the blog, please, they'll be so sad.
Hooray for Mr. Abbie the book lover! Next time have your guy take a better picture of you, I can only see the whites of your paws and chest.
I AM a mysterious cat and hideinthe shadows and no amount of Pictur fooling around with can change that

it is just how we are
you could not take ap icture of the other cat she was shadow colored except for her crazy eyes

and I Would not be so mean as to talk of spoiling anything about the book


if it acidentally falls onto theground it is very loud and can Spoil your sleep

i ran away
yay abbie! glad you are bak in bloggyland!

mommy red harry potter to me yesturday. i slept thru lots of it but she sez i purred win i was posed to.

i like your missterryus photos. very handsum!

purr, purr, purr, purr, purr, purr, purr, purr, purr, purr, purr, purr, purr

Missed you Abbie!
Yay, Mr. Abbie! We are glad to hear from you again!

My mom spent all night reading that book. I sat on her for a while, but I got bored. And then she hollered at the end and woke me up! So I kinda bit her some.

But I still got tuna.

I hope you have lots of tuna today. And every day.

We love you! Give The Guy a hug.

Love to you,


P.S. -- My mom took a picture of me to put on her phone (how weird) and she laughs at it and says I look like I'm saying "WHUT?"

I was. Because it was dumb to take my picture when I was sniffing. Golly.
Gooooooooooooooooooooooo, Abbie! And now it can be told, for surely all have finished it: Hagrid is actually Voldemort! Bet you knew it all along, though, since you're a very, very smart cat.

Though a sadly elusive one.

I do hope you'll post more often. Your entries are missed perhaps more than you, or even the guy, realize.

It's sad to admit, but I'll even go so far as to say that your posts, Abbie, are waited for with almost as much anticipation as the final HP installment.
Hey, Abbie! Good for you for completing your mission! Hope you enjoyed the book!
Did yoo enjoy yoor book Abbie? Dat Ken bean is rite Mr Abbie. We wate fur yoor posts wif bated bref. Not dat we eated worms or anything, dis is just a saying.
just found your blog, nice! my cat mia has a blog too. Check out my profile. You can see her in action on her very own video debut!
The stupid monkeys I live with tend to give everything away but at least they read out loud to me...

I have it on good authority that a cat whose human is missing and whose name (seekrit cat name) is Cleo is waiting at the local shelter. Abbie, tell your human to go get her...I think you'll like her. More than Crookshanks, anyway, and that's saying something.
A new Cat forum has been created!

Good news! A new forum, Catz r Fun, has been created. This forum was created so that those who wanted to continue the cat posts would still have the opportunity to do so. Thus, the Catz r Fun forum was born.

Please take time to visit the new forum and chat away!

Here is the link:

Catz r Fun Forum

Thank you!

i love to read harry potter too! :D
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