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Sunday, April 22, 2007
I just noticed

I have been writing this for more than six years now
that's a long time and thats many houses ago
ALmost as many houses as years but not quite
I didnt know what a computer was when we were in the big white one
or in the little green one

when I started it was because i was bored
bored boredb ored
you don't come up with new things to do when youre interested
because then you are doing the itneresting things
but when you are bored you looks around
and you say hmm
what Can I do today
lets see
I already ran around alot
I ate some food
maybe I could have some more
okay that was good but now what
I am not sleepy
the other cat she was there too
she was off doing I dont know
probably trying tofigure out how to use the telephone
where did catnip bill go
oh he is under the fridge

oneday catnip bill went hiding and he was so good at it
we never figured out where he was

I miss catnip bill

so I got on the computer and turned it on
dont ask
it's a secret but there's a button
and then I decided this computer now belonged to ME ABBIE

and thats pretty much the story in a nutshell
except for all the parts I didnt tell
you cant tell everything all at once you know
six years is a lot of time and if you dont believe me you can look at all the months and years over there to the right

six years
and they still haevn't made a keyboaard big enough for me

Happy almost-anniversary, Abbie! I've been reading you for a couple of years, I think, just usually lurk.

It's funny how six years seems like a lot if you look at a calendar, but then if that is all your time with a great cat, even sixteen years seems really short! They make sure that there are plenty of interesting things in life, so you never really get bored -- exasperated sometimes, but not bored. ;)
How about telling us some stories about catnip bill, before he hid under the refrigerator? And did Martha Cat ever figure out how to use the telephone?
And if Martha the Pirate HAD figured out how to use the phone, just who was she going to call?
Martha the Pirate might have called Captain Jack (my parrot) and they would have discussed Piratey Things. Like how to send Mrs. Underfoot (my dog) to Davey Jones' Locker. cats apparently feel that my keyboard is big enough -- to sleep on!
We're happy every day that you have a blog, Abbie! That's 2,191 days of joy you've brought a bunch of people and pets all over the world so far! We look forward to many more.

Thank you, sir.

Hugs and pettin's,

HaRrYcaT's mom
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