Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Wednesday, June 28, 2006
Todfay I am going to tell you where things vcame from
things come from Mythiology
that is the study of where things came from
as you can probably guess we spend a lot of time asking ourselves these questions
I know I do

the first cat was named CAt
that is why we are called cats
Cat was very Big and very black
they didnt have night back then but if they did Cat would be as balck as night
in fact that is how nIght happened
you see Cat was very vbig
Cat was so very big that he stood over the world
peolple underneath said my there is nothing above us but adarkness
except for a little white spot on Cat's tum
cat didnt like to move vry much
so a lot of people stood underneath him and said my my

then Dog came along
Dog was a dog
the first dog
Dog was big too
jsut about as big as cat which is saying something
Dog was yellow and when he stood over the world pepole said oh it is too bright something is in my eyes I am going to go blind unless someone inventns sunglasses soon

cat and dog did not know about the other and that's a good thing because they were Mortal ENemies
they stayed as far apart fotrm each other as they could
cat stood on one side of the world and dog stood on the other
thats just how things were
then one day Cat heard someone undernath him say something
that person said I was just over on the other side of the world and it is not dark at all
in fact is big and bright and guess what there is food
food does not grow in the dark and a lot of people were hungry
so they said Hurray lets go over and get us some food
Cat said oh now wait a minute I want some food too I will go
so off Catwent
and when Cat ggot to the other side of the world he saw Dog
this Cat did not like
Cat made himself look even bigger than he already awas
and said GOAWAY dog
Dog said arf arf Make me
so cat cahased after Dog
and away they went
round and round the world
cat forgot about the food and decided the only thing he wanted to do was to chase Dog
and Dog being Dog was stupid and just liked to Run around
they kept on cirlcing the world
so the people sadi you know what when DOG is over us lets call it a Day
D for Dog and D for Day okay
and when Cat is over us that is called NIght
N for Night and N for i dont know
and they still chase each other even now

therte will be some poeple who tell you that it is actualy Dog who is doing the chasing and has chased after cat since time imemorial
these people are full of beans
cat has always been the one chasing dog and you can put that in your hat or take it to the bank or whatever you want to do twith it

anywayh that is how we got day an dnight
it is our story
I havent heard any better explanations
mostly cause the other explaining dont involve cats

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