Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Thursday, May 18, 2006
OKay iut is gone
and I was keeping an eye out for it
in case it came back

BUt a few days ago ther ewas a dog
am so mada I cant type right

i was sistting in the room minding my own business
as I often do very nicely
and then there was ak nock on the door and she said
oh hello abbie you sh ould come out there is someone you should meet
so I went out and lo and behold
it was big and balck and it was sitting on the girls rug
normaly I like the girl because she lets me sit on her bed and poke holes in the blankets
but not when she invites dogs into the house
the guy will hear of this I am certain

well abbie that is a dog and her name is molly and she iS visiting
I said I dont care what her name is I am not going to be a party to this
and I let the dog know just what I thought of it all
ANd then ran and hid under the bed
dogs cant get you there

it has been two days and the dog has not come back
I Think the sign I wrote onthe door did it
I just scractched around the door

i think that'll do

those dogs are trouble. it's good you let her know how things are because dogs aren't very good at taking hints.
Darn tootin', Abbie - you can't stand for such things.
Abbie honey you shouldn't be so dismissive of the dog. You can try talking to her and see if she wants to be friends. Better than being lonely.
Good for you, Abbie, a cat has to have standards, y'know. fur is fluffing just at the thought of it!
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i used to live with my mom and a person who had a dog and the dog tried to eat me all the time.

i guess he didn't ever use his teeth but he thought i was a good squeek toy and mom would come home and find me all covered in dog spit.

and it was gross.

and mom would tell me if i'd smacked the dog as a puppy then i wouldn't have these problems.

but i like where i live now with two moms and the big plaid cat and the fucked-up torties.
Hello Abbie! I found your blog through Cat Antics, and I thought I would say hello. I definitely think you handled the dog the best way possible. You let her know who was boss, and you would not back down. You have to show doggies you're not intimidated of them - otherwise, they get all slobbery with you.
Mom's only heard me hiss once, an it was at a woofie at the vet. It was panting an slobberin toward me, an I said NO WAY, GO AWAY. Don't let your beans get any ideas - it's YOUR house.
Nicely handled, Abbie. Did you hiss an growl at the invader? I do that at efurryone, efun beans. Efun MY beans. I'm cranky an proud of it.
NO DOgS. They stayo n their side oth eh fence and dont make trougble. They can bark if the yLike.
If only you knew how my day was going. I was searching for one thing and I ended up here. Now you see how that might affect me!
Max who is big and orange and white stalks dogs even if they are outside. He also stalks a red headed woman who visit the neighbor. Does he want to be the only red head? Does he think she would taste good?
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Hellos Abbie the Cat, I live with a doggy. He's only 6 Lbs. and I weigh 10 Lbs. He is pretty smart for dumb doggy. He uses a kitty litter when it's to cold or raining to go outside. Mine sisfur and brofur sez hello to you too! You are a very smart kitty to have yur own blog, I have to have beanmom type for me...
Zippy the good cat
Well Abbie, I am glad you are back and I know you have a hard time in your life but evn you ahve to say you don't have a DOG that lives with you! I do! If she comes upstairs I slice her nose but then she hollers and Mom comes UP THE STAIRS! AND SHE HOLLERS TOO! I am just trying to keep the peace.

Cute cat stories really had me smiling! Happy Holidays to you!
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