Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Monday, December 26, 2005
DIda you ever hear the story of Catanip Bill
catnip bill was our friend
he lived under the couch
then oneday he moved far away
i think to canada
we never saw catnip BIll again

but the other day I got a package in the mail
from christmas
inside was wrapped up a gift
the gift said ABBIE on the paperso I knew it was mine
the other gift was a toothb rush so I knew it wasnt mine
and inside the gift marked ABBIE was Catnip Frog
it is not BIll it is a frog
but it is my new friend
and I like it anwyway

Seems like everyone is moving to Canada lately. Hope Catnip Frog decides to stick around for a while, and that you enjoy the, uh, high while he's here.
I hope you had a great Christmas, Abbie!
Happy New Year, Abbie the Cat!
That sounds an excellent present. Hope you had a good Christmas, and Happy New Year Abbie!
Dear Abbie I got a gift from christmas too from my Uncle bill! And it was a catnip mouse or rabbit i don't really know. But I like it. Odd about the Bills. Mom says I should say happy new year but i don't know what that means. It's still just today, right?

Yor friend,
Weezer the Amazing Tubcat
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Dear Mr. Abbie,

The Mom said to tell you she's sorry you Got that weiard "Spam" thing above. When I asked what it Was, she said, "It's about Tom crusie," and I said, "If I jumped on the couch like that boy did, I would be one spanked kitty."

Anyway. I am very very glad you got to meet Catnip Frog for Christmas. I hope he doesn't go under the TV box thing and have a big partie like all my rats do. The Mom says I put them under there, but it's not true.

I got some TUNa from Santa. And a new ballie to play catball with. You can come to my house and we'l have TUNa and play catball, Mr. Abbie! You can lie on the big chare if you want. It's very soft. And BIG! You can stretch out all day.

We love you, Mr. Abbie. And The Guy, too!


HaRrY Cat

(that's me up there in the picture when I was littler but I'm still brave, usually)
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