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Tuesday, November 22, 2005
there was asnother mouse today
where do they come from

idea number12: the wall
idea number2: a hole
idea number 3: mouslvania

i dont know where they come from
but I Do know where they go

Around here the mouses come from Mouseltucky.

Bear says that if you catch a mouse you should put it next to your guy's computer because that is where he will sit down and see it and besides everybody wants a snack when they are using the computer. That's where he left a mouse for me last year.
yay abbie! eatTHem mousies!
My cats are jealous--the only mice they get around here are toy mice.


You can leave part of the mouse for the guy. My mom got really excited once when I left her the back end of the mouse i got too full to eat. your guy would probably like that too.


Loki in Iowa
Hey Abbie, glad you're back! I think you need to have 'nother cat to help you catch all those mices. You can't eat all of them. There's too many of them....share the wealth, unless you can get the guy to eat some. I would eat some too, but I'm not where you are. Plus my mom told me I need to go on a "diet"
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your human, Abbie.

Enjoy the mouse stuffing!
i don't know where miceys come from but you should get some animal planet cheese jerkey hearts.
Think of it as your own little Thanksgiving turkeyette.

We had about a dozen mice last year - even caught them on videotape, for some sick reason. The glowing green eyes captured with the night vision setting were horrifying yet compelling.
yummmmm! fresh mousie! enjoy!
Abbie your Guy needs a Tin Cat he can look it up it catches all the mouses and doesn't kill em so he can let them all go in the field. Then you can go outside and stalk them!

Hey Abbie, what do mice taste like? Chicken? ;o)
Mousilvania, I think...

Catch them all and then you can interrogate them to make sure you can keep catching them (if there are any more) before you eat them.
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