Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Monday, November 14, 2005
ho Hum
I just owoke up
I have been sleeping a lot
its not so hard to do when theres nothing much else dto do
you just got os leep and you wake up and that's that

there were some parties recently and i invtestigaed the party
and i ate some food when nobody was looiking and then people saw me
and they said oh thats the famous abbie
here have some cheese
so it wasnt such a bad party

it hs been very quiet otherwise
i ma trying to find someone to talk to
have not had much sudccess with that
people dont count by the way
peopleare like "oh hello arent you a cute little cat well well well what do you want do you want some food do you want a scritch do you want to play with your bouncy ball"
and all i had said was "close the door"

i found a mouse
it was hdiing in the food
I siad hello little mouse
it said screep screep screep
I said my names abbie what is your name
it said screep screep screep
i said what do you want to talk about for there is a world of things to talk about
screep screep screep
and it hid a little bit further in the corner of the food
i said you're not one for conversationa re you little mouse
that is sad for i know we could have lots of fun times talkng to each other about everything and nothing
i would tell you what its is like to be a cat and you coul d tell stories about being a MOuse
then th ey would rwrite a book a bout us, it woul dbe called ABbie and the Mouse
and we would be friends
screep screep screep
that was all it said
well that was that as fara AS i was concerned
i cant be bothered with rodents who don't want to talk to me
so i cahased the mouse and caught it
i dont know what happened to it after that

then i caught anohter mouse that was strying to eat my food
it took a piece of food right out of my bowl and everything
this time i didnt bother to chat

Happy to see you back, Abbie
Glad you are back Abbie. I am sure the mice helped fortify your spirits - Vitamin M is good for cats I hear. Don't you wish they made mouse flavored food in cans? Tiger asked for a turkey stuffed with mouse for Thanksgiving. We told her that if she caught the turkey we'd do it for her. That's not very fair tho, but she did want to go out to hunt turkey this morning, and asked if a duck would do. Here is a picture of Tiger eating dinner:
Tiger's favorite wine is "Mice-wine". She says you make it out of very cold mousies.
IDidnt get to eat the mouse
they disapper after a while
i put one in someones bag for safe keeping and then it was gone

oh well
I hope your person finds you a new friend to talk to, soon.
Abbie, I have missed your posts and it has been sad. I'm happy today because you are back.
It's good to hear from you again abbie. We missed you.
hello, abbie. thanks for coming back.
I missed you! I am so glad to see you back.
I'm also glad to see that you're back. :)
Hi Abbie, you could talk to me. I was very lonely when my big sisfur went to the rainbow bridge, then my mommie wented and gots a little kitty for me to be big sisfur to. I had to teach her so much stuff that I didn't have time to be lonely any more. You should tell your mommie to get you a little sisfur of your very own.
Oh Abbie honey, it's so good to see your typing again! I'm glad you're out and about trying to make new friends, but The Guy That Feeds You is thinking about getting another kitty for you to talk to and beat up. *Hugs to you* and I hope you get some turkey next week.
So wonderful to have you back again, Abbie! It's too bad the mouse only said "screep screep screep" and didn't have much else to say. Maybe it wasn't very 'edumacated'.
Hello Abbie! So nice to hear from you again; I missed you lots. I hope gravy and potatoes turn up in your dish for Thanksgiving next week. Give your Guy a headbutt for us all.
Thank you for telling me your mouse story, Abbie.

I caught a mouse two weeks ago and it was fun.

- Alice
Mr. Abbie, the Mom says she is hugging you very hard right now.

Actually, she's hugging ME very hard (oof), but she says you should tell The Guy to hug you for her.

Put me DOWN mom.

We have a mouse in our house, too. The Grandma was asleep on the couch and heard it and yelled and I came in and said WHATWHATWHAT and she said HARrY A MOUSE CATCH IT BE A GOOD CAT CATCH IT and I looked and I didn't see it and then I saw it and then it ran and I ran and it went under where the trash can goes and I tried to go there too and I bumped my head and The Mom opened the door and I looked and looked and sniffed and sniffed but I didn't see him no more. Any more.

But I bet he's back there somewhere. I'll go look.

Oh. Wait. We love you, Mr. Abbie. We hope you get some ham at Thanks Giving time next week. I like ham. I hope you get lots of pettins every day, too. And maybe brushins. Ask The Guy to take a good nap in the sun with you too. It will make him happier.

Love, your friend

Welcome back Abbie, it is good to see that you feel like talking again.

From your friends, Wallace and Wendy
Yay, Abbie's back! I was afraid we'd never hear from you again. Here's a tip for the next time you catch a mouse: Shoes make pretty good caches.

I hope you have a good holiday, and that you'll get some company soon.
Hurray! Abbie's back! I missed you.

You may have some of these other cats as companions.

They talk too much. There are too many. There is a new one outside.

Where shall I send them?

Eagerly awaiting your reply.

- Betty
Welcome back Abbie. I know you had to go on hiatus because you were sad when Martha died but I, Wallace, have missed you because you are smart like me and the other cats in this house do not understand what it is like to be a smart cat.
Sometimes it's good to sleep for a long time. It has something to do with knitting (which is a good thing, because of the yarn, which is good to chase). And then you wake up, and that's good, too, cuz then you can catch a mouse and eat good stuff and see people, who can be boring, lord knows, but they feed you which is good. I'm glad you're awake now Abbie. I missed you.

Your friend,
Weezer the Amazing TubCat
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