Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Saturday, September 24, 2005
today is a SAd day
i am vffeeling very low
the other cat is gone for good
i don'tknow why
i dind't do it

first off she was sick and dshe didnt tell anybody she was sick
not even me
i said why are you so skinny and she said i dunno let me sleep
i said why do you sleep so much and she said because i am tired okay let me sleep
and when I said you are not eating my food anymore why are you not eating my food anymore she just licked her paw and went to sleep

so iw ent over and i said hey i dont think the other cat is feeling very well you ought to take her to the vets
at least if she was really feeling all right and just trying to lie to me and pretend to be sick for symppathy then a trip t o the vets would change her wagon
so they took her to the vets and this is what the vets said
oh she is not eating and not drinking and she has a fatty liver
this is when you donot eat and your liver gets full of fat
she has to stay for a few days and take the tests

so they kepther for a few days and they took her tests
and she lost four poudns
and they said she has pnacraiatis or something like a pancras i dont know what that is i'm only trying to read the words on the sheet
they said that she could be treatd okay but it would take a lot of work and a lot of medicins and I know what its like to take medicine and nobdoy likes that

last night they let her come home
she had a big bag of medicins
and food that I could not eat
they had medicine to antibitoics and medicine to make her want to eat
and medicines for her stomach and medicins for her liver
and a big tube to put the food in

she sat on her favorit chair and ate a bit of the food
and then she put her head on her paws

i said whats wrong with you
she said abbie i am a tired pirate
i said you are not a pirate you are a cat and you are here with me and soon you will be awake and fighting me for my food once again
she said no it has been a long voyage and it's time for me to go
go where
she said you know the cats who have been before
the ones we sing songs about
who are always there even if you cant see them with your full eyes

is this the journey over that bridge of rainbows i said
she snorted and said pah that's all nonsense
there is no bridge
you just move on, thats all

okay I said that is a relief
ebcause I don't like too many bridges to begin wtih
but whats this about wanting to be with the cats who have been before
she said it's not like i have much of a Choice abbie
i said this is bushwah and furthermore we are supposed to be together and if you go where does that leave me, all alone i tell you it's not fair
she asaid i'll always be around somewhere but you just won't be able to see me
but when there's a nice shadow on the floor
or if a cupboard door opens
i'm there

i am going to bite you I said
your kind of thinkingis foolish and you will get better
suit yourself she said
then the guy took her upstairs and put her on the bed and she went to sleep

listen says I following everybody upstairs
you cant go
i'm sorry if i was a pain
i'm sorry for the time we fought and i bit your ear
and maybe i could stand to let you have a fwew more Bitesin the cat dish
or the time i wanted you to go away
im sorry
i didn't really want you to go away

she opened an eye
and said i know
we are brother and sister and that means a Lot
and you always were my best friend
but i am tired abbie
if you want you can help me out

how i said
she said remember the song i sung to you
the one you learned from me and the cats who have gone before
if you wanted you could sing it to me now

goodnight you cats I sang
Now is the time for all good cats to go to sleep
there are things to do tomorrow
And you can do them then
but now its time to sleep
and you can dream

and when i looked up she was sleeping and quite happy

this morning she was quiet and still
and breathing Very soft
she sat on a lap
in the sun
her name was martha
and she was petted gently
by pepole who loved her
and it was there she died

she didnt have to go

I'm sorry.
This post made us cry something awful.

Be good, Abbie, and take care of the guy. He needs you right now.
Oh Abbie, I'm so sorry.
Oh, Abbie and Abbie's owner... I am so sorry. I knew Martha just a tiny bit compared to how you do, and my heart is breaking for you both. Poor sweetpea.
I'm so sorry. I cried and cried and cried when I read this. I remember when your person brought you and Martha home.
I cried for Daisy and Inky, for Tuffy, for Koshka and Atra, for Mico and Imp. Those are the cats that have shared my life. I miss them all.

I'll miss Martha, too.
Oh, I am so sorry. Holding you all in my heart.
I just lost it, am crying now. I can't say how much I feel for you all.
I'm so sorry Abbie. My thoughts are with you and your human family.

I hope you can find comfort in knowing that Martha crossed to the other side peacefully.
abbie i am so sorry to you and your guy. martha was a good pirate and an even better cat and she will be missed. you will be in my thoughts and prayers. and my lady, who is crying a lot, says she will be thinking of you too.
Abbie: That was beautiful and sweet of you to write. Martha was blessed to have you in her life, just as blessed as you were to have her.

Keep an eye on The Guy for us and for her and she'll keep an eye on you both in return.
Now I am crying and crying again but I am also happy because it makes me happy to know there are people in the world who love their cats that much if that makes sense. I am sad but I am happy that a little pirate cat got to have such a very good life.

Much love from Honey Bear and the Little New Guy.
Oh Abbie I am so sorry. Martha was a good pirate, and you were a good cat friend.
A tear was shed here for the pirate kitty.
Oh Abbie, i am so sorry. We'll all miss Martha terribly.
Dear Abbie,

I'm crying right now for both you and Your Guy, as well as little Martha. You've both had to do the hardest thing in life there is to do and that is to let someone you love go. I've been through this and can tell you that Martha is right--she is still with you, just in a different way. You will always have her in this different way and someday you won't hurt when you remember all those things that made her so special to you. Give yourself some time to hurt and remember that the hurt will ease in time.

Holding you in my heart,
Oh I am so very sorry to read this. Farewell Martha. The pirate flags are at half mast today.
Martha lived upstairs from me for a year but I didn't meet her until just recently. she seemed like a very nice cat, and I am sorry I kicked her out of her cats storage device. I only met her a few times but I will miss her and cried for her, and for Ivan.

Ivan got stressed and stopped eating and got sick and died a year ago who we moved in last year. He's was Miles's brother and I never even considered that they wouldn't be together forever. I don't think they did either.

I will give my sympathies to Abbie next time I am over.

I'm so sorry. I am not getting any other cats until I own a damn house and don't need to make the poor things move, given that it seems to be really dangerous.
My deepest sympathies to you and your guy, Abbie. Your blog has given me much joy over the years, and I loved hearing the stories of you and Martha the Pirate Cat. I knew that you really loved her, and she's right, you will always see her when you sleep.

Abbie, the world has lost a fine pirate and a lovely cat today. My condolences to you and the Guy. This is a beautiful tribute and a very, very sad time for us all. Rest in peace, little Martha kitty.
Hello Abbie,
My name is Frances Bean. My human friend and I have read about Martha and your exploits for a long time. Never commented though... I guess we are just shy midwesterners. There is a time to overcome that though and say we are so sorry to hear about your best friend Martha who was a true pirate if there ever was one. If you lived here in Iowa we would drop off a casserole or a jello salad for the guy and some shrimp or steak tidbits for you and express our condolences. I hope that made you smile and realize that there are many cats and their human friends who care for you.
Mr. Abbie and The Guy,

We will always sing the song for you, and for Miss Martha the Pirate Cat, and for all the fine cats in this world and in the next.

We love you all very much.


HaRry CAt and his mOm
My heart is broken for you, Abbie, and for your human. I'm so very sorry that Martha is no longer with you. Oh how sad I am... Remember what Martha said, Abbie--she will always be with you, even though you won't see her. She will always be in your heart, and in ours. Bless you and your family. I'm so sorry.
Crying. Me and The Gus and Honeycat and The Baron. We are all crying and so very sorry.
Abbie, I'm very sorry for your loss. I have two cats who have been together their whole lives, and the thought of them ever being separate saddens me immensely. More than that, though, I know that you and Martha were good friends. My deepest sympathies to you and your household.
I think I am going to go cry now. My cat is getting on in age and I have put off taking him in...because...well you know cats and vets...and because I don't know...Oh my I am so sorry.
:( Be strong little Abbie.
I came over from Jump's blog. I am so sorry. My kitty crossed the Rainbow Bridge and I know how much it hurts.
I am so sorry. I'll miss Martha, even if I know she's off eating mangos and being a pirate.
I'm so sorry, I know you'll miss her. We all will. I'm shedding some tears and wishing her well. My sweet Misha will meet her on the bridge and show her the way, I know...
I cried as well at that beautiful tribute... my sympathies go out to you, Abbie, and your people. I loved reading about Martha, and she reminded me of my own beloved black cat. Even if you guys fought sometimes, I can tell you loved her very much.

I can see her now, eyepatch askew, perched atop a mountain of sweet-smelling mangoes beneath a flapping skull-and-crossbones, as her pirate ship sails grandly through the waves under the gleaming afternoon sun ...
I never met Martha, and I only met the Guy once, but I cried at this post.

Your sister will be missed by many, Abbie, make no mistake. She definitely made her mark.
That was sad, but a beautiful tribute.
That was a sad & beautiful account of a fine pirate's last hours. I'm very sorry she's gone. ~S
Oh, Abbie. I am so sad for you and your Guy; I am feeling low and crying right here at work.

Martha was lucky to have you for a brother, and you have paid her a very lovely tribute. She was a fine cat, an excellent pirate, and a surprisingly good typist, I think. I am sure you will miss her, as will all your blog readers...but I hope that our love will soothe your hearts a little.

I will keep you in my thoughts.
I'm sorry; this is so sad. My cat died in July and, oddly, I haven't been able to cry about it. Then, when I read sad.
I just came across your blog today. I'm very sorry for your loss, and I'll be sure to visit more often.
Poor Abbie. We read your post and we cried, for you and for the guy, and for Martha. This was hard to read; it must have been much harder to write. Thank you for being brave enough to do it.
I am so sorry to hear about Martha. My puppy Reilly just lost his sister, Harper. Our thoughts and tears are with you.
Martha was a good cat and a fun pirate. I will miss her too. I can't imagine the heartache you must be feeling, but I'm sure trying. Be well and stay strong.
Oh no! I'm so so sorry. Poor Martha and Abbie and family. It's very good that she was at home with her own posse at the end, but I know that's small consolation. My gang's thoughts and condolences are with you all.
My grandmother is dying, and I just read this and broke down. I'm crying right now. I'm so, so, sorry.
Also, based on various awful times of losing beloved cats and having distraught cats left behind, I say ignore the people who say you need to mourn for a while and go right ahead and adopt a little kitten. She won't stop you, guy or Abbie, from missing or remembering Martha but she will be great consolation to you both, especially Abbie. There is nothing like a new baby pirate in the house to lift a lonely cat from his misery, in my experience.
This post made me very sad, I have been reading your diary for a little while now Abbie.

I am very sorry that you lost your best friend, my cat Day Day is my best friend and I don't what I'll when he goes, he is quite old about 17.

Take care.

I live far away, where it is day during your night time.

Know that the sun shines somewhere on this earth at every second.

Know that Martha, like you, is like the sun.

And that every second, she will be missed by someone, somewhere.

So even when you are asleep, we will cry your tears of missing for you, and think of her for you, and wish she was still here for you.

She will continue to be loved.
I am just sitting here totally in tears right now. I have so enjoyed reading about you and Martha and all of your exploits and I'm so so sorry that Martha is gone. I have many cats and have one that fought back from fatty liver and thought we were going to lose him but he made it. It is so very rare for them though. Our thoughts are with all of you and I hope Martha is on her new pirate ship sailing the kitty seas....
Oh man...I am so sorry. :~(
Oh my god. I'm so sorry.
I haven't cried so hard in a long, long time.

martha has a (pirate) posse, too. and we loved her as much as we love abbie. which a a lot.
I think the previous posteris right about adopting a new friend. THere are lots of them who need love, family, shelter...and Martha would want you to have a new baby pirate.
I'm so sorry for your loss. I've been reading this blog for quite some time now, and it's brought me a lot of joy. This is an incredibly touching tribute and it brought me to tears. Please know that although I'm just some guy on the internet, my heart goes out to you and that you are in my thoughts.
Oh, Abbie. You made me cry. I am so sorry for your loss.

Your human needs you very much right now. You can be together and help each other past this.
I'm so sorry.
Stupid Rainbow Bridge. Why can't it just go away and let our friends stay? Love you, Abbie. So, so sorry. Miss Pirate Queen will be so missed.
There were 8 and then there was 7. She too died on a lap being petted softly by people who love her.

Then we moved and during that long drawn out time of getting from there to here, two others found and chose to stay with us. Two more were new and sick with starving so we chose them. (Eight was too many and so was seven, but eleven was okay because the vets in the new state were more affordable and we were moving to a bigger house.)

When we finally got to our new home three years and a state away from where she died, we found a another (#12) was waiting ...male, not female, already nuetered as we would want him to be.

He wears only orange stripes the color of one of her torbie striped legs. He stands and shakes his tail as she did, perhaps daring us to see the memory of her last frailty now wrapped in the youthful vigor of his form.

I do not know if I really believe what I think to be true, but I do not think that number 12 is 'new'.
Oh, Abbie, I'm sorry, sweetheart. Martha was very lucky to have a friend like you. I've never met you or the guy or Martha, but I will always remember the pirate kitty whose resume made me laugh.
My heart goes out to Abbie and his people. Martha was a good pirate and a great cat. Knowing she was well loved makes her loss only marginally less sad. We will hold our animals a little closer tonight.
Ahoy, maties. Oh, wait. The great Pirate Cat Martha has gone.

That is not right. That is not good. That is not the way it is supposed to end.

Or, perhaps, it is... a brave pirate, going forward to new adventures, yet still missed by those who knew her.

I knew her, once. Long ago. I've lost her, now, and many others, too, of both two- and four-legged varieties, and it is a Sad Thing. But, sometimes, I see them when I sleep, and usually they are happy.

So remember the other cat, Abbie, and perchance you can visit her when you dream. And watch out for The Guy, too. He's a good type, and means well.

I always read your blog aloud to my hubby. We've been away. I wasn't prepared. My voice shook and I cried and could hardly talk through the tears. I'm sorry Abbie.
I'm so sorry Abbie to hear that Martha went off to be with the other cats. She is probably pirating with my Jasmine as I type, and yes, they will find ways to play tricks on you and make you smile.

Sniff, Sniff....
My mom has cried enough to fill my whole bathtub. I think Martha could sail her pirate ship in it now. I will go look for her.

~ Weezer the sad Tubcat
Abbie, I'm so sorry.. I will miss reading about Martha's adventures. She was a good cat.

oh no that's just awful :*(

so very sorry to hear you lost your pirate friend, abbie.
I am so sorry for your loss. This is the first time I have read your blog, but I can tell you loved Martha very much. I have cried buckets.
I'm very sorry - I have lost 3 cats in the past 2 years. All about the same age. Give Abbie a scratch behind the ears for me!
I'm so sorry honey.
Much love to you.
goodbye martha, we will miss you
Poor, poor Abbie. This really touched me. I'm so sorry you and your Guy lost Martha. I know she's on the other side protecting your pirate loot though.
To comment on a comment, the post that begins "I live far away, where it is day during your night time" is beautiful.
I am so, so sorry. I haven't cried like this in forever, either. I'm going to go home and snuggle my Darryl extra-hard.
Abbie, I read your post out loud to Z. today as I often do, and instead of laughing we wept and wept. Moon came to see what was happening and sat on our laps and told us that everything Martha said was true and that he's 16 and in kidney failure and probably doesn't have so much time left, either. You are a great pirate friend, Abbie. Do take care of guy and tell him to get a kitten. Not as a replacement but as a successor to a Pirate Who Will Be Remembered.
(gulp) (sniffle) Aarrrh, Martha was a mighty pirate, and you're a good friend. I liked reading about all of your adventures with her, even the time she took over your blog, like the mighty pirate she was. (more tears here) Dammit anyway. You and The Guy take good care of each other, and keep on looking out for pirate tricks.
Talk to us,'s been so long and we are so worried about you and your Guy. Lulu and Stewart are terribly worried and are fighting all the time out of concern. Talk to us, Abbie. Please.
Abbie, keep an eye out for that cozy shadow or the open cubboard door. And as they say, a pirate's life is a wonderful life. I'm sure Martha would agree.
Abbie you did right by Martha. We hope you feel good to blog again soon.
I'm so sorry!
Poor Martha, and poor Abbie... and all their humans too.
Oh, Abbie, I'm so sorry that you lost your friend Martha. My three cat friends, Sinead, Siouxsie and Thomas, send their purrs and condolences to you. I, as a human, have seen several of my best friend cats be born and die, and I know your heartbreak.

(BTW, I got here through the LiveJournal of a friend)
I just found about your blog. I am a human who knows what it is like to lose a kitty brother and a kitty daughter. Please be nice to your humans because they really need you right now. I wish that I could send you some fish and cuddles to help you feel better. Martha was lucky to have you as a friend to take care of her in her last days. Mabye your humans will adopt a little kitty and you can help him or her about Martha and all of her pirate adventures. Then she will live on forever.
oh crying at work now. I checked in to see what you were up to and read this post and oh boy so sad.
See what happens when life makes you busy? My dog, who is in love with Abbie, wanted to hear about the pirate cat again so I came to the site to read to her.
*Sigh* already almost a month of no Martha and it's new to us. I am so very sorry, Abbie and The Guy. Martha was a class A pirate and could really tell a tale. Rizzo says she is over the seas and finally has a real pirate's life. A hearty "AAARRRRRRRR" to the West for a true buccaneer, Martha.
I agree with a previous poster: Stupid Rainbow Bridge...
Abbie come back! We miss you and want to know how you are doing.
Beckett? Jezzie! No?
Abbie, please come back. I miss hearing you talk about tuna or squishing bugs.
Come back, abbie.
i had to put my 19 yo kitty to sleep on october 7th. it was the most terrible thing i have ever done.

thank you for writing about this in such a lovely way. best of luck to you, and all the kitties too.
I do miss you, Abbie. Please come back. You can talk about your memories of Martha, too!
I am so sorry for your loss. My chow passed on 10/5 and I know he loved playing pirate. Maybe they are together getting lots of treasure. Chow was 21 and I know he's happy running around and playing without getting tired.
Goodbye Martha Pirate. I'm so sorry. Thank you for sharing her, Abbie and Abbie's owner.
goodbye pirate martha cat :(
i'm sorry your friend is gone, abbie.
I am so sorry. I cried for all the cats who went before, including the ones who shared my life. I hope we all find each other again on the other side. They are not totally gone from here, because we love them still, but I like to think we'll be reunited.
It is a few months later but I got referred here by a friend; I had my cat Myrtle put to sleep yesterday and it broke my heart.

and it broke my heart more to read this but I am glad I did.

G-dspeed, Martha.
Goodbye Martha. My condolences to Abbie and her person.

That was a very sad and beautiful essay which left me with tears streaming down my cheecks.

My little Stanley will be getting some extra petting tonight.

Steve in MI
I'm sitting at my desk at work, in tears. I am a 43-year-old man. This is not good.
Oh Abbie! I am soooooo sorry for you. One of my cats is living at my moms frinds house, still alive and kickin' the other asleep on my backpack, His fave spot. I've been reading your blog for a while now and it hurt to hear that one of my fave kitties will never write again. At least she gets to be with the other cats that have been :) My cat, Stretch, feels for you. His family abandoned him :( Let your days be filled with Tuna and Ningas :)
Oh, Abbie! I haven't read your blog in ages (duh. obviously.) and just read about Martha now. I'm so sorry. :-(
Abbie, I just found your blog for the first time, and your goodbye to Martha was beautiful and now my woman is crying. She does that too much. We'll be back to read more. Be well and remember the good times with Martha.
I've started typing this a dozen different ways... a dozen different words.. a dozen different ideas... each trying to express the emotion this entry made me feel...

I am not ashamed to say I cried.
I am not ashamed to say that tears came to my eyes even though All I knew of you was the several entries above this one on the page... I still cried.

you have a gift for words, precious pet. for showing. for letting us feel with you.

Perhaps it is a selfish statement, encouranged by a recent encounter with a movie in a theater.... but in this moment I thinik I can honestly and truely say, with no falsenessese attached... without having ever met you, or cuddled you, or stroked your back or rubed noses with you.. I can truely and honestly say: I love you. And I am deeply sorry for your loss..

-The Dragon's Cat-
goodbye martha. you were brilliant andd understated. trying not to cry in the library
~step lightly, stay free~
~and it's these visions of johanna that conquer my mind~
Fair winds and calm seas Martha the pirate.
Hi Abbie,

I'm sawry abooout Martha the pirate cat. sHee remayndd me of mme - Dunkkkan - becuz sHee was a tuff cat who did funny thinnngs. Even tuff cats get tired, I gess.

My cat sister Lily and I send headbutts and kitty kisses, eben thou I think you would bite mmmy ear.

I'm very sad and my mommy is crying - thast' why I was able to tyy[[e on her board.

Shhh - she's cominnnngg back. Love to Abbie. Don't feel alone becuz yur noot.
thse uthr cAts went ther b4 .. maybe thay r wayting foR this CaT?

I am so sorry for your loss. Truly I am.
Magnus the Springer Spaniel
(who's best friend is Marnie, thee CaT.)
I was looking for information about why my cat might not be eating when I stumbled across this post. It is the saddest thing I have ever read. I hurt for my baby boy, Henry, who hasn't eaten for about four days. I'm worried his liver could be damaged, but I don't have an appointment at the vet until tomorrow morning. I pray so hard that he is okay until then. I don't know what to do. I want Henry to live, my baby buddy. My sweet boy who loves to bump heads and play with string-a-ma-thing. He is so dependent on us. If I had known that not eating was so serious, I would not have waited.
Abbie, Your story brought tears to my eyes. I think your Martha is with my Kirby right now where all the other cats who have gone before are. spend extra time cuddling with your Guy, he needs you.
I'm very sorry. I cried as the others did.
The evil Siamese and I are a year and a half behind the times and are both very sad that Martha is gone.

Good pirates, unlike good kitties, are hard to come by, and I am sorry for your loss.

There is never a good time to loose anyone you love.
This is almost two years late (it's July 11, 2007), but I just found this link via a commenter on Crazy Aunt Purl's site (she lost Roy today).

What prompted me to comment was one of the lines in the song of the cats who came before:

"Now is the time for all good cats to go to sleep"

I got chills because from 1990-2000, I spoke a variation on that line to my beloved Vincent every night before we went to sleep. I'd say "It's sleepy-bye time, time for all good cats to hunker down and go sleepies". Vincent would lie down beside me, nestle into my arm, purr, roll over onto his back, and purr us both to sleep.

My very belated condolences in the loss of your Martha.
Moon surprised us. He lived another two years and a week, and almost all of it good time, too. And he died well and so bravely. Eighteen years is a good long life for a cat, enough time to sing many new pirate songs and to sing a lot of the old ones, too. We are reeling at the echos left by his departure, and everything that the Other Cat said, everything that you so kindly relayed to us, Abbie, all of it rings true. Bridges are so much bushwah but certainly there are Dreams to dream and Songs to sing, so that is exactly what we will do!
I just lost my Rodrigo, of the pink nose and white whiskers, ear tips and ear tufts, no pirate he but a gentle loving soul. I came back to this post to read again about the cats who have gone before because he's there now. If I listen just right I can hear him purring in my pillow. Like Martha, he is well-loved and loves well still.
This is years later... but I found this page by happenstance and couldn't not reply. There's an Abbie here too, a great big beast of an alley cat, and her tiny fluffy black sister Ami. My Abbie can't type, but says to send love to you, Abbie, and to the guy. She also says to please write more, she wants to read and thinks it is good for both of you. :)
It's been almost three years since the Great Pirate Martha left us.

And yet, I still return to this page from time to time. A touchstone. I miss her awful bad -- and I miss the way that Abbie and the guy and everyone were when she was around.

It's sad to see dreams go away.

"The waystations of life looked so much prettier in the distance." -- TUKA Matrix(?) on ISCA
And yet, I still return to this page from time to time. A touchstone. I miss her awful bad -- and I miss the way that Abbie and the guy and everyone were when she was around.

Ditto. :( I'll never forget Martha the tired little pirate.
I miss Martha, the pirate cat. I read this post once in awhile and cry a little, laugh a little. Take care of yourself, Abbie!
Nice information, many thanks to the author. It is incomprehensible to me now, but in general, the usefulness and significance is overwhelming. Thanks again and good luck!
i came back here actually quite accidentaly almost after 6 years and i am crying again just like i was crying for the first time, this is the most beautiful post about a lost cat i have ever seen, i love my cats that much, too
Six and half years and I still come back to read this. Miss you Martha the Pirate.
Dear Abbie,

I still miss you and Martha the Pirate and send my love to your family.
Just posted this on a thread -- now a mere 11 years in -- where someone I know's cat died. It just seems so much more fitting than the other things people say. Martha was a brave pirate, indeed, and now can help be there for others...
It has been 13 years, and I read this every year to remember, with all the crazy behaviour and all the bad things happening in the world, there is still unconditional love to be found, and genuine loss to be felt, and joy to be re-discovered.

Everyone who, like me, cried for reading this post...everyone who loved and lost someone they cared about...could someone write a post like this about us?

We need to be nice to each other, so people feel sad when we ourselves are gone.

It was really insightful.
Thanks for such a nice content.
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