Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Friday, August 05, 2005
OH idid not know if I told you already
we are in a new place
We got taken here a few dasy ago
it is a lot bigger
there are Stairs in my house
including some staris we're not supposd to be on
But we use them anyway
my paws are all gray because of the basment I found
it is a mysterious exciting place full of adventure ande xploration
oh and there is food and foods
I pushed my food all voer the floor because ti is a housewarming present
here are more people too
one oft hem brushed me
and put a comb over me
and said "i have taken enough ahir off you ABbie to make a new cat"

well humph
if you do that you better not call it abbie junior
because I see where you put all that hair
abbie junior does not live in a trashcan Thank you very much

congrats, abbie. enjoy the new place. find the tuna.
wait what
wehre is the tuna
Yay Abbie! Welcome to your new home! :) I hope you have plenty of good adventures there!
Happy housewarming, Abbie!
Yaaa, a new place to make it all yours! I hope they have good faucet drips there. That is very important.

Love from yr friend Weezer the Tubcat
Please write more, Abbie. I love your take on life.
Yay! Does the new place have a nice window like the old place? I like the stairs, too. We don't have any, but I like them.

Ooop, the dog is here. I have to get up on top of the chair.

Glad you and Miss Martha and The Guy have a nice new home, Mr. Abbie!

Tuna from HarryCat
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