Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Thursday, August 11, 2005
HEllo and thankyou for calling Abbie the CAt enterprises, this is ME ABBIE speaking
how can I helpyou

yes hello mr bug it is nice to hear from you again how was your trip to the ktichen
and what can I dofor you today
well I am sorry to hear that you are worried a cat is going to step onyou and maybe eat you for a sanck
if ICan place you on a bref hold I will transfer yu to our other cat department
okaythank you
i meant to place mr bug on hold but i have acidentally on purpose stepped on him
oh well thats the way business goes
I will fill out my call report form and then take the next call

hello and Thank you for calling Abbie the Cat enterprises this is ME ABBIE speaking how can Ihelp you
oh its you
listen why are you calling me
I dont care what you think, this is my game today
what doyou mean this game is stupid
i played your game when you ran the grocery storye
and i had to buy articohks and I dont even LIKE artichoks
hey you cant say those things on the phone
well you are full of beans too
I am goingto hang up on you
and i will fill mout my call preort form and it will say "got a call from an anoying cat who annoyed me and was busy being a pest and I hung up on her"
and i wont get fired
no you cant speak to my supervisor
well go right ahead then

she alswyas has to ruin my games
so much for the phone
i think next im going to run a hotel

This game sounds like a lot of fun. You are a smart cat, Mr. Abbie, for thinking it up.
Wow, Abbie--this game sounds a lot like my two-day career as a receptionist, back in college. Good times!
Abbie I think that other cat was just jelus cuz you had a good game better than grocery store where you get to step on a bug! Did you eat the bug?

Yr Friend Weezer Tubcat
Hi Abbie! I really like your website.

You are a very smart cat. So let me ask you a question. My boy brought home another cat. I don't know why. I didn't ask for him. He's a very very big cat and scary and he chases me, but I'm faster. He's ugly too. No grey fur at all! Can you imagine? What would you do? I've tried hissing, but he just ignores me.

Your devoted fan,
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