Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Tuesday, August 30, 2005
again I am in the right and good
the doors were open yeeterday
the othercat said that it was time for an adventure, come on and we shall go exploring
and i myself said oh no that is not allowed
we are INdoor cats and outsdoors is not for indoor cats
she said pooh-pooh, what is indoors and outdoors anyway, all it is is a matter of doors
and away she went

THEy alater found her in the garden
pretending to be a spider plant
meanwlhile I was well hbehaved and given poutine
at least i ASKed for poutinge

Oh ABBIE thankgoodness you are bak and okay and good. We recently found your blog and are taking copurus...copuis..copius...lots of notes. you are a fine roll model for us. Well done and ples update soon.

Stu and Lou, fantasitc Boston CATS.
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