Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Friday, May 27, 2005
it was sunny againt today hooray
I dont know where it had gone but it was gone but now it's not
so I was enjoyihg a pleasant nap in the sun
and the other cat came by and said look the sun is back it's spring and you know what time that is
and I said what
she said it is spring cleaning time and I am in charge
and I said waht
so she sat down behind me and held my head and said geez louise abbie your ears are filthy
and started to wash my ears

now i like having my ears washed as much as the next cat so that was okay I guess
even if idont think she was beign very thorough
once she was done i said okay thank you very much now it is my turn to be in charge
and i got up and asat back down on her and started to wash her ears
she said no that is not fair you do not get to be in charge
I said it is spring cleaning time you said that
and she said my ears are perfectly clean
and I swatted her head and said you are full of beans look
and that is when we had a fight

just goes to show you no good deed goes unpunished
anyway the sun was lovely and may it come back again

Dear Abbie, now that Spring is over and Summer is here, are your ears clean yet? Cuz if you can hear me, I want to know what is happening at your house!

Today I stood outside the "dog door" (ha!) and prevented that stupid Beagle from going out. She almost peed on the floor before Mom let her out the real door. Rats!

Weezer, The Excellent Tubcat
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