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Friday, April 22, 2005
I Get a lot of email
most iof it is addressed to ABBie
but I think there is another abbie who is writing mails and getting responsses
because honestly some of the responses I get I dont rememebr writing for in the first place
one person wrote me and said "helo ABBIE thanks for writing here is your new mortgage"
what the heck is a mortgage
i dont know but there are a lot of numbers and % signs in it
someone elese said "HEllo abbie thanks for writing here are the stocks you requestd for investing in"
funny but I dont do much investing
maybe this other Abbie does
maybe he wears a suit
thern there was the nice lady who said "hello abbie thanks for writing I am a cheating housewife and I am very bored"
well maybe if you did not cheat all the time you would not be so bored playing cards or Scrable or whatever it is
I play fair here strictly on the level thank you very much
no matter what a certain miss Tattletale likes to think

then there were some other mails about medicins that I KNOW I did not write in the first place becaus frankly I Have had an Operation

hte other cat says the mail I get just pretends that I wrote in the first place
well Id like them to pretend I wrote and asked for chicken
besides WHat does a tattletale know anyway

Silly SPAMers. I'm not sure why they are called SPAMers since they never offer any SPAM. I think you would like SPAM; it's like ham-flavored cat food only saltier.
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