Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Tuesday, November 02, 2004
SO today we had to decide on dinner
this is very iomportant because it determins what we eat tonight
so I asked theother cat how we do this and she said it is very simple
first there is one cat who wants tuna and that will be me ABbie
then there is another cat who wants chicken and that will be her

then she said we have to have a fight over it and that the cat who wants tuna must say that tuna is 100% Delicious all the time and would never think of eating chikcen
and the other cat must say no tuna is 100% disgusting and that chickenis always declicious and ther ecan be no other way about it

i said but i like tuna and i like chicken too
she said that don't matter because you ahve to be for one and against the other, that's the rules
I also said but sometimes the other cat eats tuna too in fact we have had fights where she tried to take my last piece of tuna and run away with it
and she said that still don't matter either aren't you getting this we have to play this game by the rules and there have to be two sides and there's no switching and if you don't follow the rules you are bad

I said if you ask me this is a pretty stupid game
a fellow should be able to choose for dinner what he feels hungry for
it's only food
it all ends up mixed up in the same place anyway
so fordinner I stole some steak off the guys plate
and followed it up with some tasty tuna
and some delicious chicken
and then I sat around becaus I was so full I couldnt do anythign else
but I made a decision and I made it

so I think i won
marigin of error plus or minus 200 percent

abbie i am very glad to hear you and martha are exercising your democratic right to make a decision. huzzah for you!
I always Vote the straight Tuna ticket myself, Abbie. Although I have been known to let a little yogurt influence my judgment. Mmmm, yogurt. And I am very tolerant of the Chicken supporters, but I won't let them eat out of My Dish.

Much love to you, sir, and to Miss Martha,

Dear Abbie:

I think you should have just taken the damn tuna because after all, tuna is tasty adn plus it has the juice.

I'm glad I don't have another cat here with me. That game sounds silly Abbie...I'm glad you didn't cave in and eat just one thing. I bet the steak was delish.

I don't have to decide over dinner...I made it quite clear from day one that I would only dine on turkey. Now, I do enjoy having my turkey all different ways. Kinda like variation on a theme :)

-Purrs and Licks
Hi, My name is Rex.

My friend is Petulia, she's a very clever cat that lives near me.

We both like to eat chicken, but in pellet form.

I also like birds, Indian Mynahs mostly. hmmmm yum.
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