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Saturday, October 30, 2004
I Was not able to sleep lastnight
I kept waking up and I Had to move
running jumping standing still
I had to jump on the dresser and then jump on the door
I took the curtain off the door iwndow because that's what I had to do
I was cranky because all I really waanted to do was sleep

the othercat said it is because of the cats gone before us
thoste cats are always around you know
they just don't bring much atention to themselves
they're allways sleeping in the sunlight
or inthe shadows if that's what they like
sometimes I can seethem out of the corner of my eye
if you listen carefully sometimes you can hear them
i guess last night they all decided it was time to play
because they sure dont want to sleep
they were ond ifferent time zones or something I guess

so the other cat said she would sing a song to them
and she sat next to me and closed her eyes and purred and sang a song
she sang a lullaby to me and the cats
she sang to each of them in turn
she sang to the tortoiseshell and the yellow tabby and the White one with different coloredeyes
and the gray and white who was friendly and the thin black cat who trusted no one
and the blue gray and the blind hunter who had his own song of fighting a porcupine
(we all had to sing the porcupine song when it came around becaus thatis what you do and besides the chorus is fun)

and as she sang they all stoped to listen and sat down and curled up besideus
it was good they donot take up too much space on the bed because we would have been REally crowded
and I lisntend and I closed my eyes and I hummed along
she sang goodnight to us all
goodnight you cats she sang
Now is the time for all good cats to go to sleep
there are things to do tomorrow
And you can do them then
but now its time to sleep
and you can dream

thats what i remember of it anyway
I'm never too good on remembering words

and we all went to sleep
of course I had it easy caus my eyes were already closed
and when I woke up it was daytime and time to get up
and wouldnt you know it there was no food in the dish
that right there si a BIG SURPRISE

i told the other cat i was glad she knew the lullaby
and she licked her paw and said that she onlydid it cause iw as driving her nuts to begin with

h3ere is a good hint
a fight is a good way to wake someone up who also goes to put food in your bowl
especially if you fight on topo f them as they're sleeping
lets just say I learned that from a friend

It is 5:19 am and I can not sleep, but now that Abbie is back and the world is right again, I will be able to curl up and sleep happily.
That is a beautiful lullaby, Abbie - I will try singing it to Deeley & Steve tonight as they seem a bit jumpy too.

(We live in a new house, so I don't think their problem is the Cats who Went Before, so much as the nasty Hallowe'en fireworks outside...)
What a fantastic poem. Thank you!
What a fanastic poem. Thank you!
Oh, Abbie. You and Martha are very kind cats. And talented, too. Thank you for telling us about the song for the Cats Who Went Before. I think we'll sing one for The Great Uncle Purrkins tonight.


HarryCat's mom
I've been missing Abbie (and Martha); my sister told me they were back. I'm so glad!

Here is the sound of a French cat purring: "Ron ... ron ... ron"

Karen :)
I think this might be my favorite post by Abbie ever.

-honey bear's mom
I don't have a blogger account, but I thought that was a wonderful poem.

I enjoy your blog, Abbie, and I think the pirate cat Martha is great too.

those are good songs but I think next time you should have a rousing rendition of the hokey pokey instead.
Cats in their jammies!
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