Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Friday, September 10, 2004
IWAs playing the superhero game today and someone said abbie wher eis your battlecry
I said I dont cry in battle
they said no the batle cry is the thing you say when you are ready to fight
like "now I am ready to fight"
the thing had one becaus he said its clobbering time
and the hulk had one because he said RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

so i thought about it forawhile and then I decided
i say NOW IT IS TIME TO FIGHT CRIME and that rhyms so you can see it is VEry good

here is whathappens in the super hero game
first you put in your name and pasword
then you choose your hero
if you mess up you choose the other cat's hero
but she made mep romise not to choose hers or else I would get in trouble
I dont see why I would get into trouble all Iwould do is run around as her saying things like "oh ABbie the NInja is far better than I am"

then you patrol for criminals
this means you walk around on the streets
I saw two bad guys harras a fat guy
so I said NOW IT IS TIME TO FIGHT CRIME and fought them
I won of course
the fat guy said oh thank you for saving me
I said whoa hey you are fat

then I went into a factory to find bad guys
someone told me to go look for them there
these are people you talk to
they say Hello abbie you sure are a powerful hero, go and fight some bad guys for me
the factory was empty and I said I hope there are not any bad guys here because they will be sorry they are bad if I find them
then I said wait I mean I hope there are bad guys there so I can fight them
and there are lots of them
and I am surounded

but does ABbie the ninja give up

that's when the ice shots come out
and they get frozen
even though it was time af ew seconds ago
I was busy with the ice shots

all in all I won
for my reward another fat guy said congratulations abbiie you saved the factory
wonder what it is with this game and fat guys

You never can tell with those fat guys, can you?

- Rachel Anne
Iam fat and a cat but I havenot foudn one in the buildings yet
Sounds like you are an unparalleled ninja force, Abbie. Have you thought of putting your battle cry on a t-shirt? That might be good for folks in your posse to wear when they try, in some small way, to combat evildoers in their own neighborhoods. I could put it on when I try to crack The Case of Who Is Pooping On the Lawn Like That? for example.
Abbie, where did your beautiful pictures go?
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