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Sunday, November 30, 2003
so farthings have been going ok
i am rapidly becoming QUite the chef
did you know that instead of just eating food you can cook it
It is true

for instance take tuna
it is very good on its own you must admit
but it is even better when mixed in with things

so here is my receipie for a recipie with tuna
it is called Tuna DElicious because that's what it is

From the kitchen of ABBIE THE CAT

YOu will need:
a can of Tuna (this is IMPORTANT)
2 or 3 Cups of pasta (like macaroni or ziti or Curley macaroni but dont try it with something flat)
some mayonase (this is ALSO IMPORTANT)
ranch sald dressing (this is the SECRET INDGREDIENT)
maybe celry if you are weird (this is OPTIONAL and i MEAN IT)

FIRSt what you have to do is put a lot of water in a pot and make it boil
oops I am sorry I shoudl have said up there that you need water too
when the Water is finally boilling you put in the pasta and let it cook for however long the box says to cook it for
2 cups is usally enough but 3 works if the Macaroni is small
oh and by Cups I dont mean like any old cup it has to be marked as a cup or you might get into trouble

okay next what you do while the pasta is cooking is open the can of tuna
THis is the best part hooray
you will need to Drain the Tuna and this means you can pour some into MY DISH
and then you can also leave the can but no sharp edges on the can okay leave the lid out

then you put the tuna in a bowl and scoop a bit of mayonise into it too
as much as you can get on a fork and not hvae it fall on the ground
you can also put in a littl of that ranch dressing too, it's okay
then you mix it all up with a fork

now here is the Controverslial part
some people (who are WEIRD) like to cut up some celry and put it in the bowl too
or maybe some relish they like to add
I will stress this may be good for some people but not for cats
because when I am eating tuna mind you this is what I think
"my this is delicious tuna and it is very tasty and good"
but if I then crunch on some celery while I eat the tuna I think "this is not right becaus tuna is not supposed to crunch like this except if it has bones which this tuna MOst Emphathically does not"
so you can put the celeery in your food if you really want but I must warn you
it will have to selttle to be named Tuna Okay instead of TUna Delicious

OH look while we were talkng the pasta is done
so put it in the strainer (oh yeah you need a strainer too) and then back in the pot once the water is gone
now you can add the tuna that you have in the bowl
don't worry about getting all the tuna into the pot because you can leave the bowl down by MY DISH and I will make sure it is cleaned
I canot eat too much mayonaise though

now mix it all up
add some more ranch dressing too while you're at it
this can be done To Taste which means you mix some in and then you Taste it and then you mix some more in and you Taste it and if you like it then you're done mixing

scoop howmuch you want into a bowl and eat it
then you will be happy

unless you don't like tuna in which case I hope you made a different dish tonight

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