Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Tuesday, November 18, 2003
OKAy here is the thing

she keeps thinking that everything is swetness and light and that inorder to be happy you just have to jump around a lot
and make up mean poems about others who are maybe not so OPtimistic as you

well maybe someitmes it is not
you know

seethe other day i was sleeping and I dreamed
I dreamed i was ridingthe rails on the railroad
and we were going to all sorts of wonderful places
jumping around on the freight cars adn poking around the mail car and seeing what tasty food there was in the dining car
and the eingineer thought I was good luck and he gaveme a bandana
and the conductor said well well well if it isnt abbie the railroad cat and he gave me a whistle to wear aroundmy neck
I never did figure out how to use it

and then IWent to the passengers car and all the people inside said hurray for abbie the railroad cat
and oh the songs they wrote about me on the rails
and i ate mulligan stew with the hobos and I ate beans and coffee with the brake men in the caboos
(I donot like coffee regularly but I guess in a dream it was good)
oh the life of a raildroad cat is the life for me
becaus you still have to look out windows but it is afascinating blur
andevery day there is a new town

the dream was so good I meowed
and imeowed so loud I woke myself up
that was when I was sad because I cant go back to that dream
I'll just have to have another

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