Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Monday, September 01, 2003
I had a baddream this time
I woke up it was so bad
the other cat said you must have had a abad dream
and I said how did you know
because you were cryin she said
i licked my paw and said I Was not crying I was complaiing and there is a big difference you know
she asked what happened and I ssaid what do you mean
IN your dream she said were you on fire
I said no
Was a spider cahsing you
were you being yelleda at
did athe vacum cleaner eat you
then what happned
I said I can't remember now, i have forgotten
and she said well then it couldn't have been all that bad a dream now could it

i must admit hshe has a bit of apoint
but all the same I am going to stay upthe rest of the night looking out the window
it could come back

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