Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Sunday, September 21, 2003
al lot of people wrote to me over the weekend and that was nice
one things are better
bad dasys happen you know that
and I found something behind the stove that I ate and things got better

for seconds I did want tyou to know that I talked to the other cat about this day you had
that everybody talsks like a pirat day
becaus lord knows I have to hear a lot of it all day long
she says and i am guoting here
arr, drop the yardarms an' heave down the flagons, ye fo'csle landlubbers "
I dont even know what that maeans
and just between you and me
I dont think she knows either

I told her about the national today you must talk like a pirates day
and she licked her paw at me and nsiffed
I said what in the hey are you sniffing for this is your day and they made it for you
and she sniffed again and said no its not and harumphde
and I said why do you harumph and how do you do it so I can try
she said that she talks like a pir at every day anyway so whats one day
and anyway she was darned if she was ogpoing to do it becaus someone told her to
and to prove her poin she did not talk like a pirate allthat day
instead she talked like michael ciaine

i think sometimes she is contrary just to be contrary
meanwhile I am charming and cool because I cCAN be

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