Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Friday, March 07, 2003
get OUT of my blog, you
you are not suoposed to be reading or writing on this and if you Write aynymore I will have to report YOu to the FBI
okay that message was directed to SOMEone in pairticular and she knows who she is

now this ijust makes me cranky
okay so I had to go to the hopsital on sunday or saturady and it was Not fun
it was all beacuse I was sick right and there is nowhere else you can go when you are sick except to the hosptial
so there I was asnd it was dark and I was in ar oom with other cats and they all had complaints of their own
do not burden me with yoru complaints says I for I am here on my own complaint
and they just pooh poohed and waaahed and grumbled some more

the treatmtnt at the hostpial is not one i would recommend to a friend or acquintance
first you get a shot and get real sleepy
and when your guard is down thats when they jump in with a big frily collar that makes your head stick out
and then that's when they put a tube where a tube shouldNOT GO
amnd I MEAN THAT emphatically

but alil in all it was pretty restful
I mean you get to sleep all you want and everynow and then someone comes around and says you are good
and you get to eat too
the bad parts is that you get the colar and the tube and the shot and you have to listen to everybody else around you
moaning about how miserable they are andhow Awful it is to be here and how they wantt to be home
wah wah whine whine all the day long
you dont hear Me complaining toom uch and I had a stupid collar on an d there was a tube where tubes shoudl NOT GO
I say that AGAIN emphatailcally because I feel it is an importatn point to make
also you smellfunny if you stay there too long

now I am home and able to read things and write tahings again and thakn you for the mail
I got some getwell mails and a card with things on it that I read
and that was very ncie so thank yo u very much and I will try to tel you to get well the necxt time you are Sick

your carads and letters were very nice and ehlpful unlike Other certain parties I could name
and I am positvely grumpy about this uNwearranted invastion of privacy
your webpage should be yours and whats all this about pireates anway
I swear that cat is obsessed in a very unhealthy way
and i should know about unhealthy because i got to speak to a lLot of doctors this week

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