Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Tuesday, January 28, 2003
ok I have afew questions abotu CAnada
our Neihgbor to t he North

first si it true there are bears in Canda
and that they eat trash
if so sthat means we are RElated
the bears and me I mean

seocnd are there other cats alowed in Canada
and ifso can yousend them to canada
I mean like in ab ox with an daddress on it
say perhasp one day the other cat sees a box, see
and on it is writen "TSASTY FOOD IS IN HERE NOW"
and so she ges in to eat the tasty food and not leave me aney
but there is a Surprise in the box
it is ME and I close the box
and then ersae "TASTY FOOD" and write instad "MAIL TO CANADA"
and under neath write "dont open even if there is a lot of COmpalining, because there is a ar Rare Complaining Bird inside"

will that be possible

this insoformation is not for me it is for a Freind
and gooogle didnot work

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