Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Thursday, July 04, 2002
i Would be writing more recently today
but it is so very hot here
very very hot
if you could please put penguins next to my window
so that I would be cold again
and see penguisn too

I am learning how to play CHees
it is a tough game to learn and it involves white and black pieces
on a board that is wite and black too
this is great ebecause I am white and black
so from now onyou can call me Abbie The chesse

okay maybe not
so the point of this game is to find a piece on th eboard
it can be either black or white, you can pick
and then you take it or push it over
also see how man more you can knock over when you get chassed away
chased looks like chessed so you can see how the game got its name

I am getting quite good at this game
a minute to learn a lifetime to Master

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