Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Thursday, July 25, 2002
ok now there is more to write
we beat the theiving game and I won a paintinag and treasure
I promplty burined the treasure and then I went away
and then I took a nap
and then I ate a tasty meal
then I took anohter nap
and Then, I cleaned my face
and then forgot where I put my treasure
so if you find it bring it to me because it is mine
sorry there is no Map to find the treasurs

OKay and I also got some mail the otherday from someone else on Internet who is I think a cat
I will NOt give you the email adadress becaus its a secret and I will also make a name change

so here is the mail and the letters in the mail are slanty to show you that it is a mail and then my reply will be in extra DARK laetters to show that it is a reply

I lerned that lesson from Dear AnneLanders

Deer Abbie- my person tuld me today she was getting anuther cat. I will hate
it I know. She will eat my fud and use my liter box. I don't like her
already. what shuld I do.
signed Yams

Dear Yams, which is the name I gave you, to keep you anonymuos,
first of all anothaer cat is Not the end of the WOrld
if it was then the world would have eneded a long time ago
it is unfortunately a sign of Great annoyance and sometimes you can't sleep
because they're running around the house late at night saying "hello this is now my house and it belongs to me"
and you have to go back and say NO this is NOT your house it is MIne, please give me back my Catnip Bill
also if she eats your food then the food dish will be filled Twice as fast
and if she uses the littebrox then it will be cleaned twice as fast
see where we're going here
thigns get better for you
but you must make very sure that it is still known that this is Your house and you are just letting the other cat stay around because you want to be nice and not get yelleda t


that is a long letter to write but it was an answer to the mail I got
if you want to mali me send me letters
there are words to the left of me that let you send letters
I try to Ansseer each one because I am told that is polite

I really like Catnip Bill
but dont let me see you playing with it

Saturday, July 13, 2002
today there were things that happened today
and this week too
first of all I got toplay the THieving game
rather I wathced the computer screen and told the person playing where to go and what to steal
we stole 5 golds and some bread

the other acat and I went on a great Adventure
and found cobwebs
she says the basement we found is not as big ora s fun as the other basement she liked
but she stayed down there along time anyway
I found a bag

and now last of all all there are jellybeans everywhere
they must have been magical because they Jumped out of the bag and onto the floot
magical jumping beans see
from spain I think
I bet you dont know any other cat that gets free jelly beans in the mail

I have mail

Thursday, July 04, 2002
there are icecubes in my dish now
they float and are cold and you don't want to touch them with your nose
but you can hit them and that's fun because Then you rpaws get colder
But then after a while I come back and the cubes are gone but there is more water in the bowl
it is a win-win situation here

i Would be writing more recently today
but it is so very hot here
very very hot
if you could please put penguins next to my window
so that I would be cold again
and see penguisn too

I am learning how to play CHees
it is a tough game to learn and it involves white and black pieces
on a board that is wite and black too
this is great ebecause I am white and black
so from now onyou can call me Abbie The chesse

okay maybe not
so the point of this game is to find a piece on th eboard
it can be either black or white, you can pick
and then you take it or push it over
also see how man more you can knock over when you get chassed away
chased looks like chessed so you can see how the game got its name

I am getting quite good at this game
a minute to learn a lifetime to Master

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