Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Monday, December 24, 2001
thi si my CHrfistmas story
it is called A CHristmas Carol
i have been since informed that the name is not exactly the most Original of names to use
but neither is the story ecause I watched it on TV

it is the story of Abbie and he is a cat and he knows a mean guy
who does not give any special good thigns to eat
except for catfood and even then the bowl is never 100% full all the time
you must agree with me that this is a skinflint and miser we're dealing with here

so one night as it happens to be Christmas the guy not Abbie is visited by three spriits
the first is the spirit of Cat Foodpast
and says remember when they were kittens and you spoiled them rotten?
And the guy says "yes but we didn't know what we were doing and so they got spoiled"

and then there is the spirot of CAT Food PResents
and he says "look at your cats now and how they are wasting away and starving and sad for they have no treats"
and the guy says "well abbie doesn't look starving to me, in fact he is quite plump and rather fat."
That is the part of the story where I jump up on his head and show him a thing or two

Finally we come to the Sprit fo Cat Foods in the future and it has a rocket car
and the spirit sasys Look upon your cats now in the Future and see what you have done
and the guy says "but they're both fine, look, they're happy and eating well"
and the psirit says "but they also poop in your shoes"

then there is reconciliation and reformation and all live happily ever after
it is not a coincidence that I told this story tonight while we all sat around the television
and then I recevied part of a baked potato with cheese on it and I was happy
it is a Christmas miracle

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