Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Wednesday, May 02, 2001
today was our birthday
well, actually, monday was but we did not Observe it until today
some might call it bad planning but we call it Hey. if it's your day, you can celberate it whenevr you damn well want

we both got to spend a little bit of time outside on the balcony
held, of course, so that we did not immediately terrorize the neighborhood
and tehere was much to be made of the feather on a stick that I hate so
I could jsut grab it and tear it apart with my teeth raaar
No, seriously it mocks me
It mocks me and I must eat it

then for dinner we had tuna melts
well, the other cat and I didn't have sandwichs but we did have tuna
and our catfood was spruced up all tuna-like too

and then we sat around licking our paws because they tasted like Tuna

all in all not a bad way to spend one's fourth birthday
we must have one again sometime

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