Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Friday, April 20, 2001
I ate a piece of beef wrong last night
it got stuck and I had to cough it back up
and I coughed a lot and a lot more and then some mroe for ugood measure
i will spare you the gory details but siffuice to say I wasn't very happy for a while
all it takes is one piece of food to change your outliook on life you know
won't be around forever and damned if a stupid piece of meat is going to beat me

the guy says he knows the cat hieimilich
but i saw the instructoins an it involves picking the cat up and swinging it around
and throwing it over yourshoulder and pretending its Superman or something
I don't know about you but if it came down to being swung around while singing hte Superman song
or chocking, I may very well have to choose one.

the other cat says I should chew my food more carefully
I told her to go back to her cheespuffs
she is addicted to them you know

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