Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Monday, January 14, 2013
not all cats hate water
that is what is known as a Myth
I Mysefl quite enjoyit
under the right cirumstances
I have spent many a happy minute drinking water
and dont really mind the tub
just gettnig into the tub and getting out of it thats waht I hate
so you may know that already
maybe some cat you know has tol dyou they like water
I knew a cat who liked the facuet
and who doesnt
its just hard to turn thats all
but what you may not know is
some cats are sailors
with their owin boats and everything
not many ppeople know this
but the thingabout cat boats
theyre not like regular boats
most boats when they go out they have a Map
and a PLan
we are going to sail here
bring cargo there
have a vacation here
get into a Big War with otherb oats over there
cats well they dont care too much for that kind of thing
that s why you havent ever seen a cat sail a boat
cause they are saiilng some place where there arent boats with maps and plans
off thye go and they say see you when I get back
maybe there will be PInapples
you might very well gues this has its hazards
you only go where you know
or you decide that direction looks good and maybe it is and mabye it isnt
its tough and sometiems you get scared
just a little
but there is a secret
the other cat taught me this one a long time ago
see somtimes hwen you are out on your boat
you run itno another cat on their boat
and instead of saying grr hiss get out of my way Im on a boat here
you say hey lets team up
i dont know where i am going and you dont know where you areg oing
lets not know where we are going together
what have we got to lose
I mean maybe you have seen where those shols are which we should Definitely Avoid
and maybe I have seen really graeat harbor full of fish
if we find that again you will eat for days let me tell you
I think its near fiji
so the cat boats follow eachother and boy is it a time
you share sea chantys and othe rsongs which arent about the sea so yo ucant call them chantys
theyre just songs
but then you both get to someplac and its realy nice
and you say well wel lwell
so thats where we were heading all along
it is anothe rMyth that cats dont need anybody else
for exmaple right now i really need someone to FEED ME
im lookin at anyone who knows where the food is
and you know who you are

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